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Since we are the South End Athletic Company we should probably blog about some fitness tips. There is a lot of crap out there in terms of fitness advice. For us, there are two things that help stay fit and make advances: 1) Consistency and 2) Intensity.

1) Consistency: If you want to run you next 5k faster, don’t stop running after your last. Make running (or exercise) a part of your day. I figure, if I’m going to eat or think, I should workout. Exercise is a normal human thing your body should do everyday just like eating or thinking. I like to run everyday that I can make time for it because there will inevitably be some days when I can’t. So, I figure I might as well bank some good work. If I have time but no energy I might only jog 20 minutes but it gets the heart rate up and makes me feel a whole lot better after. Eventually, with a good consistent routine, running and exercise will energize you, not fatigue you.

2) Intensity: If you really want to bring your race time down you need to find your limits. Once you get the consistency down and you can actually do some good work, you need to find your limits if you want to actually see gains. There should be a mix of hard days and easy days in every week. And hard means hard- not walking along talking to a friend. If you’re working with a friend hopefully that friend is of a similar ability level and you can push each other. Don’t be afraid to push it, allow yourself to surprise yourself.

Of course, like everything, the devil is in the details. If you want details, come pay us a visit. We offer free run training groups on Thursday nights at 6:30PM, Saturday mornings at 10AM, and paid personal coaching services that can include personal workouts that we do with you. Inquire at

Happy Training!

Justin and Dan

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