If you follow us on twitter (which you should-for obvious reasons) you’d know that we’re all about life lessons, wonky facts, fashion and general scathing commentary about well, anyone/thing. Which brings me to today’s tweet du jour on CAT FASHION.

From the source: “Last night Matilda, the famous Algonquin Hotel cat, celebrated her 15th birthday—and we were there for total coverage. The party was held in the hotel’s lobby and centered around a good ol’ fashioned Cat Fashion Show—because what better way to celebrate than by making your feline friends dress up in ridiculous outfits and parade in front of humans? John Fulton, the host of Animal Planet’s new upcoming show Must Love Cats was on hand as the host—the show has been filming around the city all week for a NYC episode! When asked what his favorite costume was, Fulton told us, “Diva, the 4 month old rag doll, brought the crowd to a frenzy.”

Right? I know! This is the best thing i’ve seen all day. Annie, you’re a star. xo heather

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