John Fleuvog has long been a go-to shop for men and women who expect their footwear to be distinct, fun, and quirky. The designs are whimsical yet classically cool, and each is expertly constructed. The company’s tagline, Unique Shoes for Unique Souls, isn’t just a clever play on words, it’s a style truism: from wingtips to high-top sneakers, the signature designs add a fanciful flourish to any wardrobe, and to the wearer. Few companies can call their offerings art, but Fleuvog has as great a claim to the title as any brand in the market.

My current favorite Fleuvog creation? The Prince George Boot, from Fleuvog’s ‘Signatures’ collection. I picked up the style a few months back and since then it has me walking proud, and walking tall. Or, rather, taller: the style’s most dramatic element is its sturdy, four-inch yes-its-from-the-men’s-section heel. Matte black, butter-soft German leather is punctuated by design details like contrast stitching at the sole, and extra long laces, which are meant to be wrapped around the ankle. It’s perfect for the androgynous-minded fashionisto [calling Andrej!], looking for a refined alternative to the military boots that have flooded the market. And it’s an alternative Boston men are quickly snapping up: a Sales Associate at the Newbury Street boutique admitted she was surprised at how quickly the style has sold in our traditionally traditional town.

The Prince George clocks in at around $389. For that price–less than $100 per added inch of height–I’d recommend you get a pair while you still can.



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