In honor of both the upcoming Gatsby film (starring the ever fabulous Leonardo DiCaprio) and the recent death of literary genius Ray Bradbury, allow me to present to you “Out of Print” Clothing, an up-and-coming new company that lets you wear your heart (filled with warm, book-loving goodness) on your sleeve…literally.

Featuring famous authors such as Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Orwell, Out of Print Clothing turns your favorite novels into stylish shirts and accessories. Boys. Girls. Men. Women. Children. Aliens. These charming clothes are fit for anyone!

There are so many hidden advantages to wearing Out of Print Clothing, too. For example, not only can you show off your literary prowess in public, but you can attract others who share similar interests without even saying a word! Just think. One of these shirts could attract your future husband or wife, who you will maybe have children with and those children will eventually grow up and potentially become rich and famous and give you truckloads of money and then you can live happily ever after, probably. (Okay, so there are a lot of variables but try to be optimistic. There’s like a 34% chance that could actually happen.) In short, Out of Print Clothing equals success.

If you’re not into wearing clothes (shameless plug for all my nudist readers), Out of Print offers other products to fill your literature needs. Tote bags. Coasters. Journals. Gift cards. These guys even have iPhone cases ripe with literary memorabilia. Whether you are an English teacher pining for new ways to express your love for Lord of the Flies, a serious business man who secretly reads children’s books on the daily or a simple bookworm, Out of Print Clothing has something for everyone.

So don’t just sit there. Go buy some shirts! Your future spouse isn’t going to recognize you in regular clothes, you know.


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