Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia have come up with a gorgeous, heart-rending editorial based on the Gulf Oil Spill. Now all you fashion savvy wunderkinds can defend your countrymen (and women!) to those fashion-is-vacuous-blah-blah-frivolity-blah hags (who seem to have quadrupled after Chanel’s little upcharge, to which i say:money can’t buy you class).

Model: Kristen McMenamy.
Picture to look for: the close up of McMenamy’s oil-slicked wrist. The image of her glove’s tufted feathers stark against the sea of tar will haunt you. forever. i’m talking beautifully horrifying nightmares.

From the the source: “And while the irony of using clothing worth thousands of dollars that was probably flown halfway around the world for the shoot is not lost on us, we can’t help but think that if this isn’t art, we don’t know what is.”

(photos: Styleite)


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