I have a secret: I love crafts. I love arranging necklaces and organizing scrapbooks and painting various assortments of ceramic jungle creatures that will be placed on a shelf and never used for anything productive ever. I’m not ashamed of my passion, per say. Rather, I have no outlets to pursue it with. Take Plaster Fun Time, for example. What adult goes to Plaster Fun Time alone? Doing so would be social suicide, like wearing gym sneakers with skinny jeans or not finding online kitten videos cute. As a result, older craft lovers like myself are driven into seclusion, forced to purchase craft materials at cheap home-goods stores and construct scrapbooks in private.

But not anymore.

Make Meaning, a one-of-a-kind creative destination for kids AND adults, is opening this week at Dedham’s Legacy Place Mall. And guys, let me tell you, I think I’m in love. Jewelry, candles, ceramics, soap, paper, glass and cake decorating all in one place?? Why did no one think of this before?

Let me break down a typical day at Make Meaning: After walking through the tall, magnificent glass entrance, you are greeted by a cheery Make Meaning worker who gives you a tour of the store and carefully walks you through the various stations.

Ceramics. Soap. Mosaics. Jewelry. CAKE (this deserves all capitals). Whether you want to create your own “World’s Best Parent” mug or construct a “Superhero” scented candle, Make Meaning is the place for you.

The best part about this crafts store, though, more than the decorative walls and comfortable atmosphere, is the useability of each piece. Gone are the days of useless refridgerator artwork and macaroni necklaces that quickly find their way to the trash can. From scented soap and candles to classic coffee cups, each art selection is sure to be put to a good use or in your stomach. (Just the cake though, guys. The candle wax does not taste nearly as good.)

Perhaps this all seems a little childish but I can assure you, this place is not just for younglings. While the daytime activities may be dominated by giddy children, Make Meaning’s After Hours Program offers playtime to the big kids. On Tuesday nights, enjoy a 20% price cut on all activities, from glass mosaics to luxury soaps. (Save money and produce fabulous artwork? Heaven.) Bring that elementary school art teacher you’ve been eyeing to Make Meaning for a perfect first date. Or, if you’re too shy for a one-on-one interaction, just invite the whole office! Make Meaning provides private party rooms for any kind of celebration.

So abandon that half-finished painting nestled into the corner of your bedroom, step out of your shameful seclusion and embrace the world of arts and crafts without fear by heading over to Make Meaning this week. This is a no judgey zone, I promise.

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