If my mother taught me anything over the years it’s if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, create it yourself. Which brings me to Watermark Tees. I don’t know about you but every time I open my closet, I find less and less clothes that I actually want to wear. (Whether or not my taste is dampening or someone is stealing my clothes when I’m not home is still in question.) One solution that I stumbled upon (literally, I found it on StumbleUpon) is Watermark Tees, a creative, DIY project that allows you to create stylish summer clothes without scouring the mall for hours.

– Plain white shirt (cotton works best)
– Fabric dye
– BLUE GEL Elmer’s glue
– Water + bath

Step 1: Soak a shirt (plain white) in cold water.

Step 2: Use glue to draw or write across the shirt. (Make sure there is something inside the shirt to prevent the glue from bleeding through.)

Step 3: Let the shirt FULLY dry. (May take 24 hours.)

Step 4: Fill a bath/bucket with cold water and fabric dye. (The more dye you include, the darker and more prominent the color will be.) Dunk the shirt in the bath and lay to dry.

Step 5: When dry, soak the shirt in a cold water bath for 15 minutes (or until all the Elmer’s glue has fallen off). Throw it in the washer/dryer as normal.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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