Those who think Boston doesn’t have style, think again. Bloggers, Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler of Boston Street Style are out to prove all the naysayers wrong. Yes, there are many Bostonians roaming the city in Celtics jerseys, Timberland boots, oversized jeans, and just all around heinous get ups, but there are a large number of us who actually get it right in the fashion department – and Boston Street Style has the photographic evidence to prove it.

Making sure to never leave home without a camera in hand, Krista and Dave hunt the neighborhoods of Boston in search of style at its finest picking up on different trends and unique wardrobe concepts. With each area generating different trends the bloggers capture the best of the best; from hipster/punk ensembles in Allston, to artsy-chic threads in the South End and Harvard Square displaying an eclectic style of its own, Krista and Dave know where to find the hidden gems of fashion.

Boston Street Style brings all the common people of Boston and their unique style together in one place. Sure it’s always cool to see who/what celebs are wearing – but I find it more compelling to know what my peers are into.  Getting a glimpse into a stranger’s wardrobe and why they wear what they wear can be interesting to learn and bring ideas to mind for your own wardrobe. For each piece posted the subjects’ self-described style, occupation, favorite store and where they were spotted are all noted

Words of advice for all you cautious and conservative Bostonians via Krista and Dave: “Don’t be afraid! Regardless of how stylish you are it takes years to cultivate your own unique look and you can only do that by taking risks. It is definitely rewarding when you have defined your own style that reflects your personality and inspires others.” Shed your inhibitions and stride the streets and maybe you’ll be able to claim a spot on Boston Street Style.

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