I have a dream, a dream that one day, I will be able to travel to an exotic location and spend the rest of my days shopping to my heart’s desire without paying a single dime.

Louis Vuitton offers just that, besides the last part of course (I’m still on the hunt for a working money tree).

The Louis Vuitton Island Maison is an international haven for all things cultural. Located in Singapore, this shopping complex interweaves state-of-the-art architecture with fashion. Imagine this: a private lounge connected to an outdoor deck and a room filled with accessories for women and men of all ages. And that’s just the first floor.

What makes this structure unique lies not in the products it holds, but how it holds them. Designed by Boston-based architect Moshe Sadfie and NY native Peter Marino, the Island Maison is as close to “well-rounded” as any inanimate structure can get. First off, it’s beautiful. Seriously. Like, if this building were a person, it would probably be Jennifer Aniston.

Secondly, it’s smart. I don’t mean it will do your homework for you but rather that it boasts an intelligent design. The glass exterior of the building, which helps display the beauty of the surrounding ocean, is surfaced with UV resistant membrane to protect the products on the inside from being tainted by the sun’s rays. Whatever that means.

Lastly, it’s a watering hole for culture and travel. With works from famous artists plastering the walls (and ceiling), the shopping center resembles more of a museum than a high-profile mall. Plus, the complex has an entire section dedicated to travel products. Imagine: Louis Vuitton luggage. Louis Vuitton passport covers. Louis Vuitton carry-ons. You couldn’t make my travel experience any better unless you sat me next to Oprah in first class.

So until I convince Moshe Sadfie to return to Boston and provide me with an equally amazing building, I will continue spending my days (and money) shopping at sub-bar department stores and flipping through magazines dedicated to tropical island architecture.

I’ll keep searching for that money tree too, just in case.

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