Black and white has always been fashion’s prized first born of iconic color palettes, consistently showered with praise and affection as a go-to look for men and women alike. Black and brown, on the other hand, is the unwanted stepchild in a family of picture perfect combinations that no one wants to even utter a whisper of its existence out of fear of committing a fashion faux pas.

But what most people forget is that some neglected stepchildren turn into Cinderella and this fall, Prince Charming of Textiles has arrived and rescued black and brown from the dungeon of everyday fashion rejects.

Although, you have been warned. I, in no way, recommend attempting a black and brown-based outfit during the year without mastering the proper pairings and proportions first. That being said, with autumn, comes harvest-inspired knits and jewel-toned jeans, which then bring effortless opportunities to introduce, what I like to call, midnight and earth into your style.

Here are the ways to take try it from your morning coffee chats to late night cocktail dates and moments in between.

First, try it on the weekends just to warm up to it.  Take out your favorite pair of jeans… skinny, boyfriend, boot cut, it will work with type. Find a fitted, plain white t-shirt and a brown cardigan. A good rule of thumb  is that the baggier the bottoms, the tighter the top and the tighter the bottoms, the baggier the top.  So if you have are rocking the skinny, try a looser brown cardigan and vice versa. What will make this really pop is a rich, color-saturated scarf. Think purples, maroons or a sassy mustard yellow. Where is the black, you say? Belt and shoes.

Then, take M&E into work with a white blouse, black pencil skirt adorned with a brown belt and brown heels. Needless to say, promotion upon entering.

Now, bring it into the night. Gentleman, if you have not already, invest in a well-tailored black blazer, dark-wash blue jeans and brown leather shoes that are just casual enough to walk the streets of Boston but sleek enough to keep up with those European tourists stealing all the attention at the bar. Ladies, dust off , or wash it from last weekend, the little black dress and either use a skinny or thick brown belt to accentuate  the waist. If there is a little nip in the air, throw on a brown motorcycle jacket and sheer black tights. The most important item to add to this ensemble… boots that go for days up that leg. They can be heeled or they can be flat. No matter what you will look like an eclectic bombshell.

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