Some trends have a way of falling out of style and then finding their way back into our hearts. Leather happens to be one of them, like a bad boyfriend we just can’t fully let them go. But it’s not just any old leather pants, they’re (drum roll please) none other than Jean Paul Gaultier leather leggings. I know what you’re thinking, Catwoman right? Well it may sound that way but don’t disapprove just yet.

Leather adds quite the edge to your look for this Fall, and the fact that they’re made into leggings make them all the more flattering for the female anatomy. Even if you weren’t blessed with the most killer curves, they’ll add quite the illusion that you were. Dress them up as seen above or rock them with a plain white t or even a baggy fitting sweater, the material that many tend to shy away from is actually quite versatile and easy – not to mention they’re super comfortable. There’s nothing better than looking super cute and being comfortable all at once. It’s called, killing two birds with one stone.

These are going to be a comfy, yet chic trend for this Fall season. Get on it, and grab a pair for yourself!

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