Gold and silver, like water and oil, aren’t meant to be mixed, or are they? We seem to have some type of love/hate relationship with these two metals. One minute silver is all the rave, and the following hour gold is. Why fight over which is better, I mean it’s not as if this is “Twilight”, there’s no Team Edward or Team Jacob, so why not just… love them both?

This may sound completely mind boggling to all of you who aren’t up to date on the latest trends but I spy, with my little brown eyes, gold and silver TOGETHER as an accessorized fashion trend gracing the arms, necks and hands of females everywhere. We women have finally found a happy medium. Wearing gold and silver is not only an option but it’s become more commonly a preference. From gold and silver bracelets to necklaces to rings and well, you get the point, this mix and match is a pleasantly surprising success.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say whoever came up with this trend couldn’t figure out whether to wear gold or silver so they daringly wore both. Much thanks to that anonymous individual, you’re a natural fashion genius.

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