Alice Kriemler-Schoch (The HBIC of what we know and love as Akris) has mastered the art of color blocking in for her fall ‘12 collection. Many know and associate color-blocking with the idea of highly contrasting colors in bold square like patterns (which in my opinion comes out rather heinous 90% of the time) – so why am I fussing over this trend I’m not a fan of? The Akris fall ’12 collection puts a spin on color-blocking I have yet to see – taking bold colors, with slightly darker or lighter shades of that same hue, and creating subtle yet fabulous color-blocking patterns.

Her showcase of different shades of gold and yellow tones plus the dramatic plunging neckline and long sleeves make this mini dress a color-blocking masterpiece and fall staple for this year. The other fall ’12 piece for Akris that had me drooling was the simple and sleek black velvet dress with leather side panels, which again had the same idea color wise – the leather is contrasting just enough to create a mild color-blocking look, and the leggings match the leather impeccably.

Well done Mrs. Scoch – it’s safe to say Akris gets an A+ in our book for fall ’12 and timeless color-blocking.

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