After nearly seven months of remodeling, The Fairmont’s Oak Long Bar is open and buzzing. Good luck getting a reservation though. No, not because you aren’t a very important snowflake; they just don’t take reservations. This American Brasserie doesn’t need to either – open almost 24 hours (6:30AM–1:30AM) there is rarely a time when it isn’t packed, especially toward the weekend. The addition of their patio a few months prior has added new options for seating, but rather than alleviate space constraints, it’s only added to their allure.

The naughty and the nice of it…The bar is beautiful – a copper topped runway for some very strong and delicious drinks to dance by. I myself tried the Rosebud. While it didn’t leave me in front of an infinity mirror pondering my childhood, it did get me a phone number and a second drink. With specialty drinks around the $15-$20 mark, they’re more an experience-per-sip rather than a chug to get drunk vodka shot.  Leather barrel back stools, amazing architecture, multiple fireplaces, and a bevy of pretty professionals only enhance the vibe. Capers + alcohol, who would have thought? They swear on them, and will gladly garnish your drinks with them.

The new Oak Long Bar and Restaurant at the Fairmont is a beautiful watering hole for patrons of the hotel and locals alike. Check it out, but bring your black card and comfy shoes, because you will literally be rubbing elbows with everyone in the room.

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