Bubble baths are a good time for any age. You’ve got your bottle of bubbles, your scented ambience candles, your soothing bath salts, your cleansing shampoo, your soothing conditioner, your invigorating body wash, your gossip magazines… Actually, bubble baths are really just a pain to manage unless you grow atleast three more sets of hands and no water is involved. But Lush has a solution for bathers–and kids in need too!

Tomorrow, Lush will be launching Fun, a 4-in-1 soap made from a corn flour, talc and glycerine softening base that covers all your needs in the tub and, a few of them, out–except for a glass of red wine. The all vegan product comes in a 250g brick-like form and can be split into pieces of any size you desire. Just plop a bit into your bath for bubbles galore or rub it into your skin as a body wash. If you really want to, it can replace your shampoo occasionally. Need a bubble bath for your clothes? Fun can also be used to clean your laundry. The fourth and most important of all uses is that you can mold it into fun shapes like it’s play dough! Now the last one is suppose to be for kids but let’s be honest, we are all excited about playing with it.

This super soap comes in five different colors providing a unique scent gear towards different spa needs. Yellow Fun uses its vanilla and gardenia to enhance a calming and comforting experience. Green Fun is the revitalizing lemon and lime citrus combo. Blue Fun is the bedtime bathing buddy with lavender and chamomile essential oils. Red Fun has an exotic ray of orange and mandarin sunshine to perk up your spirits. Pink Fun is the one you might want to try to eat because of its ice cream aroma but it also contains benzoin resinoid–which has warming qualities that stimulate circulation.

Although it advertises 4-in-one, Fun is really a 5-in-one product when you include giving back. Through previous work with victims of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in Japan, Lush noticed something happening due to dangerously high ration levels. Parents and officials have been forced to keep kids inside away from playgrounds, friends and exercise, especially in Fukushima. As a reaction, Lush founded FunD-giving 2.5% of global sales of Fun to grassroots community projects started by local charities, groups and parents to develop activities and programs for their children to make friends and have fun!

Fun can be found in Lush stores for $6.95 per 250g starting November 1.


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