Newly opened BoMa has character out the wazoo, making this little hole-in-the-wall a force to be reckoned with. Beautifully handcrafted cedar and walnut carpentry, an over-sized pergola above the bar, and massive distressed beams along the ceiling make this South End hot spot effortlessly chic.

Vintage grey leather booths line the exposed brick wall, lit by star burst chandeliers and the packed granite bar features a blue haunting light showcasing their artwork. Plain bulb lighting along the bar only adds to the modern edge of this gastro-pub.

Even the name is cool. You’d think it stands for “Boston Massachusetts,” right? Silly grasshopper. That’s too obvious. BoMA is actually the African word for home or safe haven.

With a modern rustic ambiance, local flair and absolutely perfect plating this place is sure to make you feel at home.



1415 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02118



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