Here’s round two of styleboston’s stylecampus. We hit the MassArt campus strolling the streets of the Long Wood area looking for the best dressed ladies and gentlemen to represent their school. What did we find? Plaid at its finest, fur you thought only would look right on Cruella de Vill and awesome vintage acid wash jeans straight from the 80’s – take a look at these fashion mavens and tune in tomorrow night on channel 4 at 11:35PM or Sunday at 10:00AM on channel 38 to see who the ultimate winner is for this week’s stylecampus featuring MassArt!

Photos by Lindsey Davis of With An E Photography 

Brielle | Northampton, MA
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: Photography
jacket: H&M
flannel, leggings: Local thrift store
booties, jean shorts: Forever21


Why we chose Brielle: The flannel under the biker jacket. Bad ass, simple and vibrant. Making a statement isn’t always about super flashy, over the top pieces, as seen here the oversized flannel pops underneath the slim fitting jacket; the difference in texture, size and fitting of the garments all come into play to create an outfit that makes people look twice. While the top screams edgy, it was smart to play down the lower half of the outfit, the micro jean shorts give just enough coverage and are mostly hidden by the flannel not to take away from the rest of the ensemble. A small amount of detail via the suede fringed booties give enough umph to tie this outfit all together.



Lilly | Cape Cod
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Fashion
purse: B Makowsky
scarf: American Apparel
jacket: Ambiance Apparel
necklace: Handmade
belt, crop top: H&M
jeans: vintage, thrift store
flats: Betsy Johnson


Why we chose Lilly: Acid wash jeans done right. Not only is it fabulous that these high wasted pants are straight from the 80’s, they’re worn with all the right colors and textures. Acid wash is bold and shouldn’t be worn with any more detail than you see here on Lilly. The leopard print flats are the only other patterned piece in this ensemble, and that was teetering on the edge of too much – but since they’re flats, they work. The slight pop of color with the red lip while the rest of the outfit remains muted was also a good choice.



Robert | North Andover, MA
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Photography
boots: Bingo
jeans, flannel, beanie: H&M
belt: Chaps


Why we chose Robert: Cowboy boots with straight leg jeans. This outfit is country-chic with a city twist at its’ best. The jeans are tapered just right, while the color of the boots complements both the jeans and beanie. The top is bright and would look silly with basically anything other than the color scheme seen here, the toned down pants and worn in boots make room for a bright statement piece, that being the button up. Add in the white T, unbutton the top a bit and you have a simple and tasteful men’s ensemble that says fashionable in an approachable, modern man way.



Tory | Boston (Mission Hill), MA
Age: 20
Year: Sophomore
Major: Fashion Design
boots: Audrey Brooke
jeans: BDG
jacket: vintage, thrift store
blazer: Rock & Republic via Target


Why we chose Tory: The fur coat. I haven’t seen someone rock a fur coat like this and get it right besides on the runway. People take notice: when wearing fur you don’t have to wear it like a snow bunny fresh of the Swiss Alps, it doesn’t have to be fitted and you do not need a matching fur hat. This oversized vintage fur is worn with all the right pieces, the flashy studded blazer underneath adds the perfect amount of color, while the necklace and earrings are on the simple side creating a subtle backdrop for the rest of the ensemble. Black skinnys and leather knee-high boots finish off the get up with a sleek tasteful feel adding to the backdrop. The messy/teased hair adds almost a humorous and carefree vibe to the outfit which is nice, relieving the boldness/high society atmosphere fur pieces can omit at times.

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