We all know there’s no such thing as perfect but if there was, the Classic MARC JACOBS studs would be pure perfection. The circular earring is simply composed with a blush pink-tone and embossed with a standard Marc by Marc Jacobs logo, this easily is the epitome of “less is more”. Speaking of less— fortunately this investment won’t lead to bankruptcy, seeing as they’re reasonably valued at $48.  The effortless design, moderate price and unintended subtleness gives me all the evidence needed to determine that this fashion find is undeniably worthy of a well deserved sale. In other words, BUY IT.

The Small Candy Turnlock Bracelet from the Marc Jacobs jewelry collection is a burst of tropical arm candy. The rubber interlocking chain comes in a selection of two different pigmented purples — light and dark. It’s bound by a gold twist closure and, of course, scripted with the signature MJ symbol. Though this particular piece can be worn with a multitude of basic outfits, it’s certainly not your everyday bracelet. Personally, I CAN live without it but it’s definitely wearable and uniquely assembled. Therefore in a moments notice I’d absolutely, positively BORROW this from the first person willing to lend it to me. Any offers?

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Lovebirds Barrette is one of those accessory items that everyone with a keen eye for style would instantaneously disapprove of. The name itself is deceiving, making one firmly believe it’s an adorably crafted barrette that adds just the right touch to your hair on any day, when in all actuality its the total opposite. This solid black chunky hairclip is decorated with two kissing birds, one of which is made transparent in navy blue and smokey gray stripes and the other is a slightly downsized bird with gold and black textured detailing. The $68 spent on a hideous display of nonsense that looks as if it was handmade by a 5 year old is not worth my Benjamins! BURN baby, BURN.

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