Recently I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive event for CakeStyle. What is CakeStyle you ask? Only the most personalized and uber-fabulous online fashion service around. Whether you want to up the fabulosity to your wardrobe, find the perfect outfit for a wedding, discover threads that really compliment your personal shape, or just don’t have time to pick out your own clothes, CakeStyle is your go-to online fashion savior. It’s safe to say, this is the answer to your long awaited prayers.

When I said most personalized fashion service around – It wasn’t an overstatement. CakeStyle takes the following into consideration: lifestyle, personal style, what you would like your personal style to reflect, what you need an outfit for and your comfort zone (color pallet, style of clothing) which they’re sure to break you of and have you rocking get ups you wouldn’t have dreamed of in a million years. Once you’ve completed the basic sign up process + questionnaire to get you super fashionable and fabulous, then comes the good stuff.

Based off of the facts you provided a box of handpicked outfits will be delivered straight to your doorstep, along with a DVD explaining how to wear each article of clothing – regarding color coordination and which styles work best together. The nice thing about this special delivery is there’s no obligation to keep all the items you receive, making this “trial period” worthwhile. Choose what best suites you and ditch the rest by sending it back to CakeStyle, brilliant if you ask me.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much dough you have to shell out for this fabulous box of fashion forward finds – it really  all comes down to the specific articles of clothing/designers. To give you a ball park figure, a blouse can run between $75-$300, denim $150-$200, dresses $250-$400 and accessories $50-$300.

Still not convinced? Well consider this; the stylists can also arrange individual packages for special events. For instance, say you have a month full of weddings and don’t feel like outfit repeating, your personal shopper will select the amount of outfits necessary to make a wedding package, full of options for each particular occasion. If that still doesn’t seal the deal for you, CakeStyle offers a 10% off coupon on your first box of clothing with the coupon code BOSTON10.

A shopping method like this is a major time saver, and gives you options you may have never thought to wear. So get your CakeStyle on – my only complaint would have to be that now I have no excuse to be fashionably late.

Find out more HERE.

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