This week we found ourselves at the Northeastern campus, scouting out the most fashionable for the stylecampus competition. It was a cold Monday and the campus was looking quite stark due to turkey day the prior weekend but we managed to find the fashion mavens hiding out in the heart of campus after failed attempts in various libraries and cafeterias.  This week brings you bold accessories, cool and modest menswear, and vintage heaven. Read now and see for yourselves. And don’t forget to check back next week to see who’s campus we’ve stalked for the most fashionable students around 😉

Photos by Lindsey Davis from With an E Photography

Julia  18 Litchfield, Conn

Year: Freshman

Major: Accounting

boots & dress: vintage – boutique in Rome.

jacket and belt: local thrift store

Why we chose Julia: Julia caught our eye during the first round of stylecampus while we were on the hunt in the common for Emerson students – though she wasn’t what we we’re looking for, there’s no denying her outfit was worthy of documenting. Put aside the fact the color scheme is stunning and each piece complements each other superbly; all the items you see are second-hand and from overseas or local thrift stores. This outfit isn’t bold, over the top or screaming spring 2013, it’s subtle, chic comfortable and elegant – a look most college women can appreciate. I can’t pick a standout piece here, it’s all too good.


Jasmin – 20, Lynn

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing & Communication

boots: Charlotte Russe

jeans and jacket – H&M

scarf- forever21

clutch: Michael Kors

Why we chose Jasmin: A simple color scheme with bold contrast. What caught my eye first were the boots, but ultimately were not the deciding factor to make Jasmin a stylecampus nominee, the maroon skinnys did though. Maroon is a tough color to work with, too much contrast when paired with hues of black and gray at times, and does it really match and make the right statement with earth tones such as brown? It’s a tough call – and we see it done right here. Notice the similarity in shades with the scarf and boots, acting as the trim to the outfit while the double breasted pea coat of a subtle taupe meets the deep maroon skinnys in the middle to create a well-balanced get-up.


Jean-Michel, 20 – Fort-de-France, Martinique

Year: Sophomore

Major: International Economics

Shoes: Gilt

jeans and jacket: Club Monaco

scarf: French Connection

bag: Kenneth Cole

Why we chose Jean-Michel: A chic European-look meets the modern everyday school goer. Ready for class with books in hand, dressed to the 9’s and still looking comfortable and quite warm. No backpack or “murse” seen here, just a regular bag – minimalistic and masculine yet stylish, convenient for the school goer, or city man on the go with plenty of room for books and a laptop. The chunky infinity scarf is quite bold and in some cases overpowering, what makes it work here? Everything else has sleek lines, with little volume and texture – making room for a statement piece i.e. the scarf, it doesn’t hurt that color is played down in this ensemble either.


Jetson, 19 – Orlando, FL

Year: Sophomore

Major: Clinical engineering

shoes: Vans

pants: Levi’s 311

jacket: Columbia

beanie: no name

shades: Ray-Ban

Why we chose Jetson: I wish I could say it was because of his name, but it’s not. Add a flannel and skinnys that look like they belong to your 6th grader cousin and we’d have a hipster in the flesh, but the leather jacket and white wash straight leg jeans create a casual fashion forward outfit. This is a clean cut, cool look that’s easy on the eyes and showcases a modest man in tune with his fashion sense. The sneakers create a nice contrast with the jeans, tying in the darker shades of the leather jacket, Ray-Bans and beanie. Lighter shades of jeans aren’t the easiest to pull off, if you had any question on how to do it right, it’s seen here.

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