Blowing up across the pond in England, Sub Focus’s new single Tidal Wave is a floaty blend of synth-pop heaven that will have your body shaking and end up on repeat over and over again.

The combination of euphoric synthesizers and booming base + haunting vocals provided by British singer Alpines create a backdrop for a hypnotic dance tune that anyone can appreciate. A drum & bass breakdown mid song adds for an extra moment to shake it all out, who doesn’t love that? Lyrics of love being too much to handle, and being unable to get inside a partners head are expressed metaphorically – your love washes over like a tidal wave, I feel the impact as we collide. Powerful lyrics, a powerful dance floor thumper, I think we have a winner here. Currently number 12 on the charts in the UK, expect to hear this dance tune in the US very soon.

Watch the official video below and love it.

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