Versace’s White Lace Layered Dress is pure elegance.  The opposing black and white pallet makes for a beautiful contrast that exudes nothing less than class. I’m head over heels in love with the irregular cut of the neckline here and have yet to see anything done like this before. Though the overall lines of the dress are on the conservative side, it does have a snug fit, guaranteeing to hug your curves and accentuate your womanly figure. Generally I’m not the biggest fan of long sleeve dresses, but in this particular case I surrender as its’ #1 groupie. Today’s lesson, opposites really do attract. BUY it.

The Black Coat with Leather Crosses by the Versace Fall/Winter line is one of those things that you oh so desperately want but don’t need. The wool and cashmere blend will keep you warm, and the tight fitting military style of this pea coat will definitely keep you looking hot. It’s more fashionable than it is weather proof. The leather accents are truly unique and guarantee heads turning to do a double take. With the combination of leather accents with the length of this coat and you have quite the fierce jacket. The bottom half ends a little ways above the knee and it’s crafted with subtle pleats. Personally I wouldn’t use this throughout the entire winter, but it’s certainly ideal for a special-occasion-cover-up from time to time which is exactly why it’s listed under BORROW.

My condolences to Versace and their Typeface Cocktail dress. Any women who can pull this off is automatically a goddess in my eyes. This much school bus yellow really isn’t a good look for anyone, especially with graphic mess all over it – unless you’re Big Bird. Either way it’s bad news, and Versace if that was your goal then mission accomplished! Between the color and design, I don’t know which one makes me want to gouge my eyes out faster. I hate to end this on a bad note, I really wish I could contribute one positive critique but unfortunately, the only letters that come to mind when looking at this typeface dress are R.I.P. BURN IT

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