This week we found ourselves at Boston University strolling down Comm Ave on the hunt for students leaving their Uggs and sweatpants in their dorm room and rocking the latest statement pieces this season has to offer. What did we find?  Fabulous designer pieces, thrifty threads that won’t disappoint and ensembles we wouldn’t have thought to put together, proving that this University is up on their style trends.

Photos by Lindsey Davis from With an E Photography

Henry, 17 – Hong Kong, China

Year: Freshman

Major: Business

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Pants & shirt: Zara

Belt & jacket: Armani Exchange

Shades: Ray Ban

*scarf was a gift, no label

Why we chose Henry: The swagger and execution of this outfit is impeccable. Gloves in pocket, belt exposed, jacket open, scarf knotted ever so perfectly, Ray-Ban aviators sized just right for his face and not to mention the ultra-chic red bottom suede Ferragamo loafers. What’s great about Henry – or as he should be referred to, Mr. Henry with all that swag, is that his outfit is super fashionable, but still modest and comfy looking. Mr. Henry even pulled off rocking a backpack, which was also great because it didn’t interfere with the rest of the ensemble and got him to class prepared and looking great.


Shannon, 18 – North Branford, CT

Year: Freshman

Major: Bio-medical engineering

Shoes: Forever21

Skirt: vintage, thrift store

Top & cardigan: H&M

Why we chose Shannon: The high waisted skirt. With a lace overlay and asymmetrical, metallic polka dots reflecting hues identical to those in the cardigan and top, the skirt acts as the pivot point to this ensemble tying it all together. This is a young, playful outfit with elements of high-fashion intertwined; the cut of the skirt and black suede lace up booties create modern runway flair, while the cardigan and top accompanied by an oversized bow emit the young playfulness vibe. An interesting combination of themes and styles make this outfit come together.


WINNER Jane, 19 – Saint Louis, MO

Year: Sophomore

Major: Ecology

Shoes & shirt: Good Will

Tights: Target

Skirt: American Apparel

Pea Coat: Old Navy

Purse: Deluth

Why we chose Jan: Color, texture and overall uniqueness. The deep camel corduroy skirt paired with this candy apple red double breasted pea coat and a teal pinstripe button down are three items/colors I would never expect to like together, so thank you Jan for proving me 100% wrong. The navy tights make it even better with another pop of color and allow the skirt to be the length it is.


Zoe, 19 – San Francisco, CA

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Boots: Steve Madden

Skirt & scarf: Urban Outfitters

Top: Free People

Cardigan: Ann Taylor

Shades: Madewell

Why we chose Zoe: A bad ass ensemble with a touch of femininity. While the combat boots scream don’t mess with me, the infinity scarf and cardigan add softness to the rest of the look. Though the skirt is high waisted and somewhat flowy, the color and it being paired with combat boots make it lack the cutesy vibe many flowy high waisted skirts tend to give off – adding to the hard/edgy feel, which makes it all the more better. What we have here is a well-balanced, carefree outfit.

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