Gather ‘round ladies and gents!

I spy with my little eye a bit of snow in the forecast for this weekend. Actually more like snow, sleet, rain, winter mix, etc.  Now take a look in your closet. What are you planning on wearing? Those canvas shoes? Yeah right! The snow boots that have followed you since your mom gave them to you in high school and will probably out live you in the impending apocalypse? Ugh.

While the frightful weather keeps you shacked up and snuggled on the couch watching styleboston, we want to have you all bundled up for when you finally have to shovel… or make the trek out of the house to replenish your supply of Bailey’s for warm beverages.

SO, we’re giving away 15 pairs of Teva boots for men and women fit to kick some Nor’easter booty this winter!

On FRIDAY, we’ll post a question on our Facebook and Twitter that only those who watch the show Saturday @ 11:35PM on CH. 4 or Sunday at 10:00AM on CH. 38 will know the answer to! You have until noon on Sunday to submit your answer right HERE

Now let’s take a look at the boots up for grabs this weekend…

These are not your mother’s Tevas. Nay, these are not even your middle school sock and sandal look Tevas!

First up, we have the ladies’ Lenawee boots— moon-boot, wilderness chic inspired kicks that are insulated with 3M Thinsulate ™  which gives you the warmth and dryness without the clunky weight. Don’t worry about landing on your toosh when navigating black ice either. The soles have been designed to keep your feet on the ground. Although, we can’t guarantee that you will not be head over heels with these boots! Can we just take a moment to remark on how fierce that faux fur trim and diamond pattern are? The Lenawee boot comes in ivory, brown and black and is sold for $170.

Guys, we would like to introduce you to Bormio— your new go-to all terrain winter boot that will appeal to any cold-weather apparel junky who demands top quality. Equipped with the same 3M Thinsulate ™ insulation and White Spider Rubber grip  as the Lenawee boots, the Bormio also has T.I.D.E. HYDRO technology for some serious dryness.  It is available in black and brown and is $150.

With your new Tevas courtesy of your’s truly, you’ll be able to stay outside longer to get that snow off your driveway— and let’s be real— several rounds of snowball fighting. Just save us a hot toddy for when you watch the show!

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