This is the happiest, most danceable, synthesizer-driven, electronic pop song to round out the New Year, and I’m in love with it. The production of this song is insanely genius. Jon Gooch, aka Spor aka Feed Me and Crystal Fighters provide us with beautiful, wobbly synthesizers, a steady vibrating bass line, a few notes on the keyboard and a dash of guitar strums here and there. The combination of sounds in this track are unreal; harmonious to each other and coming together flawlessly. Add in the smooth British accented vocals via the Crystal Fighters and you have a song of brilliance composition. Love Is All I Got here, so save your souls and jam out to this tune.

Learn more about the magnificence of folktronica that is Crystal Fighters, HERE.

& look out for their new album rumored to drop spring 2013.

Enter the world of Feed Me, HERE.

Watch the video below and fall in love with this musical masterpiece.

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