I regretfully write this as I am thoroughly saddened that I have to. Something has crept into our society that could have tragic consequences. I am speaking of the unforgivable introduction of ‘meggings’ into street style or any style for that matter.

Never heard of that term? Break it down— Man. Leggings.

Meggings have been getting press recently because of celebs such as Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz, and Russell Brand have been spotted in these things. But I, and I would like to think the fashion industry, generally don’t really look to The Brand and The Biebs as trend inspiration. So we move on. Yes? No.

Well-respected fashion houses such as Givenchy, Prada, and John Bartlett, while not necessarily inspired by the above celebs, have showcased collections and editorials featuring these man-muscle hugging…things for lack of a better word. Commercial chains such as Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters also did not get my memo and now carry the sacred young women’s wear essential for… dudes.

I do love adventurous fashion choices and I am all about feeling comfortable at the same time. As American males, the acceptable wardrobe options are crafted to make men feel as though they have been sentenced to life in the happiest, softest prison of joy. It’s a delightful place— only a few options but just divine. All the while, women are banished to a massive jungle of fashion predators licking their lips for their next meal— high heel hyenas, crochet crocodiles, jumpsuit jaguars and so many more vicious creatures! That’s why leggings were created—To provide occasional shelter from the harsh inhabitants of our closets.

If you wanted to switch up your look guys, weren’t skinny jeans enough? Many of us women wear long shirts or dresses over our leggings for coverage and the right fashion statement. Will you do the same? – the picture above clearly says no. Do you really want look like a medieval court jester? If you do, it’s ok. I myself love a good fashion piece inspired by historical-eras. Hello, Mary Queen of Scots outfits made easier by Chanel this year, thank goodness. Please just think before you wear.

3 thoughts on “TRENDING | MEGGINGS”

  1. sTitch says yes to male leggings, allow me to tell you a story;

    On the 28th of October 2012 two young city workers wore ill fitting female leggings to a fancy dress party in north London. These two individuals alongside another mutual friend have now tasked themselves with designing, manufacturing and selling male leggings to the fashion conscious male.

    Head to to find out more.

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