Devi Kroell

Booties have already kicked their way into spring 2013 collections and are slated to pack a statement punch when the season strikes. This booty is versatility to the max. With reasonably unique construction and material that can accent just about any daytime spring look, I can see it worn flawlessly with sundresses, shorts, skinnies. They can be dressed up, dressed down in the city, or rocked by the water in a beach town. The mash up of snakeskin, linen and wood create perfect balance between rock star and beach bum. Cash or check please! I’m BUYing!

Manolo Blahnik

Let’s be real. You looked at these whimsical booties and thought, “Who in their right might would want to wear those?” The answer is, well, me and you. There is a little part of everyone that would not want to experiment for only one single occasion for a few hours in these. They’re totally badass and fit for a divalicious space queen. I don’t recommend hitting up the grocery store with these kicks but at least at a posh outdoor bar. I would ask a friend to BORROW these bad boys for me in a heartbeat.


John Galliano

I don’t even know what to do with this. Is it a cowgirl boot? Is it Victorian? Can one wear this with pants? Dresses? What would be the event to allow these to accompany one’s outfit? As intriguing as the structure of the bootie is, these are just annoyingly wrong. I want to like the shape and the placement of the wooden heel but I think it is the shoe’s greatest downfall. If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation as to why and how someone could wear these, excellent! But I don’t think that explanation exists. BURN, baby, burn.

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