I can’t say I’ve ever really been a fan of the murse. I’ve yet to set my eyes on a purse for a man where function meets fashion. Spring/summer lines presented at Paris Fashion Week didn’t help my disapproval for the man purse either, with oversized clutches seen in camo by Valentino amongst others. If I’m going to rock a murse it needs to be able to hold more than my car keys, wallet and phone – which brings me to Berluti, who saved the day for murses seen in spring/summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week.

Crafted out of fine Italian leather the spring/summer line of bags from Berluti are no stranger to perfection as the label is originally known for its impeccable craft and style from its line of shoes, these bags are no different from its predecessor. With striking lines, color and texture these murses exude sophistication and masculinity, all while remaining understated. With muted hues of cream, caramel and chocolate brown all with a distressed finish the colors complement the strong boxy shape of each Berluti bag. Besides the toned down color scheme, the lack of hardware on these bags are another plus, adding to the understated look.

If you’re the guy who’s too old for a backpack, prefers any type of bag without a strap, and wants something a little less than formal, than a Berluti bag is perfect for you. This is one small step for mankind, one large step for murses.

Check out more from Berluti HERE.

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