Opposites attract and, this year, hair-ology of the fashion world has pinned together polarized looks that have resulted in a passionate tango featuring low and sleek and messy and free. Said looks have intertwined through a few generations of hair styling but now, they’re hitting center stage (and runways) as a major role in fashion drama. Shall we dance?

On one side, we have a sleek and sophisticated crafted look fit for the catwalk or sidewalk woman who means business. Seen in runway shows such as Erdem, Givenchy and Gucci, the stealthy style has been seen executed primarily with slick back hair parted down the center and occasionally a dramatic side part. Most finish off with a pin and straight pony gathered at the neckline while some are tied neatly into a bun propped in the same location. Feeling lucky (and have an endless supply of gel and hairspray)? Some designers have ditched elastics all together and form the hair to a straight flow of hair down the back. Sounds powerful. 

The other player in the game tango of the tresses? The rock star free spirit who is making the hairbrush industry file for bankruptcy. Featured in runway shows such as Marni, Stella McCartney and The Row, bed head and beach bum fly-aways are welcomed, and stubborn strands are set loose. Whether worn in a flowing down like in this Dries Van Noten look or tossed up into a messy bun, perfection is not invited. 

What’s side of the love affair are you on?

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