I don’t know her story and I don’t know how to pronounce her last name, but I do know her syrupy vocals and tantalizing lyrics have been tickling my fancy since 2010 with her debut album, No Questions Remain. It’s been a minute since we last heard from Ms. Elezaj but it was worth the wait because her new single entitled Monster exudes nothing less than perfection.

The track leads in with a sound off of high pitched horns, as if it’s a warning sign for what’s about to come – some serious female empowering lyrics. Say If I talk back I’m gon blow it, I don’t give a damn watch me own it, I do me, just keep going, won’t walk to the beat of your drum, sings Elezaj to all the men out there who think they can control women, think again. With production spot on, sassy lyrics and Elezaj’s vocals this song is a pop masterpiece of empowerment. Dance your asses off ladies and show ‘em who’s boss with this awesome tune.

Take a listen below and fall in love with Monster, watch out Britney and Christina….

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