Christy CashmanChristy Cashman is a renowned chicken farmer and a vitamin taker. She won the corn-hole championship at her family reunion in 2011 and 2012 (women’s division).

Her undiagnosed personality disorders are important to her and a delight to her family and close friends. She prefers motor boats to sail boats because they’re more fun. She can often be found motor boating in sail boats.

A failed smoker, she ruminates and germinates story ideas, but rarely incubates unless it’s chicken eggs. Although fame continues to elude her, she wears dark sunglasses and a hat just in case.

She loves the smell of barns, but gets a headache with certain perfumes or air fresheners. She loves cooking with garlic and ginger and once both her sons said, “Mom, this is actually good.”

She plays the piano regularly and indulges her guests with her repertoire of “Doe a Deer” and “Fly Robin Fly.” Her singing voice is amazing in her opinion and very mediocre to most listeners.

She is a short-hair-cut-considerer, a great dog lover and a poor dog trainer. She enjoys eating beans from a can because it reminds her of old Western movies and she thinks carrying a pistol would be cool if it were only used on bad guys. She has to sleep with the window open even in the winter.

She has a very organized sock drawer and nearly authentic hair color. Her skills on a paddleboard are keen even in high winds. Her husband is the type of guy who would give the shirt off his back and she’s the type of gal that would take it.

She hates when people call her intellectual, which is a good thing because they never do. She enjoys heated toilet seats and thinks they should not be restricted to bathrooms. She is the founder of a New Agey self-proclaimed philosophy and has vast knowledge in the area. She takes her coffee black then adds milk and sugar. She orders drinks straight up then adds soda water.

She hesitates not in a crowd to share her uncanny vocal ability for anything of the barnyard. She is known throughout the land for her rooster call.

An avid equestrian, she loves to jump; and her horse tends to jump brilliantly without her. She loves New England winters.

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