Michelle PatsosRecovering lobbyist and wanna-be sommelier, Michele Patsos believes that most great memories are made at the kitchen table – or bellied up to at the bar with loved ones. This avid home cook found her love of food at an early age, pulling weeds in her family’s garden and watching her grandparents while they canned, pickled and baked bread from scratch. While not eating or looking up recipes, the wife of Siena College head coach Jimmy Patsos can usually be found crazily cheering from the stands at every basketball game, where he passionately commands the court. She also enjoys running in the woods, especially in the fall and winter and owns an extensive collection of wine corks that she hopes will someday be a part of an important art installation. Her shellfish allergy bums her out and she finds picky eaters really irritating. And she firmly believes no meal will ever surpass her mother’s pho.

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  1. Michele is lovely lady! Her mothers spring rolls are our families favorite. She brings them to Michele’s sister-in-laws, Rachel Schmidt’s when we have parties. We have been known to hide some in the cupboard for later! Michele’s mother loves to cook for the family. She is right, good food, good family and friends are a recipe for a lovely conversation and a beautiful evening. Ps. Also a hot cup of coffee.

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