Five new designers emerged from the Launch at Boston Fashion Week, held last Sunday at the W Hotel. In its sixth year, the event introduced Ty Sinnett, Maryanne Meservey, Chynna Pope, Dominique Quinque, and Jeffery Dickerson, who were hand selected from a pool of young designers. The Launch is an ideal platform for new designers to showcase their work and gain exposure.

The five runway shows started off with introductory videos of the designers., which were extremely well done, conveying the spirit of the individuals.

Mass. native Ty Sinnett opened the show. Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, she was inspired by the beauty and soulfulness of the sea. Her designs stay true to her inspiration, capturing the sophistication of the island and the essence of the ocean. Her color palette reflects the sand and water while her silhouettes are reminiscent of the free flowing, unpredictability of the sea. It is not always easy to stay on point with an inspiration source, but Ty’s designs needed no explanation, they effortlessly spoke for themselves.

Maryanne Meservey studied both fashion design and business at Mount Ida college. Her line, “Eco Punk.”is inspired by upcycling, breathing new life into garments by repurposing them and making them her own. It can be difficult to create cohesion in a line when upcycling, but Maryanne’s garments are unified by the color palette and repetition of striped patterns throughout the collection. Her standout piece was a skirt construction out of men’s white button down shirts. Her designs transcend trends, as eco friendly will never go out of style. She feels empowered, knowing she can be a part of creating less waste in the garment industry. Maryanne is a triple threat with her double major and sustainable mindset.

FEATURED BELOW: Ty Sinnett, Maryanne Meservey, Chynna Pope, Dominique Quinque, & Jeffery Dickerson

Next up? Chynna Pope’s collection took the runway.  The energy she projected in her video directly translated into her clothing line. Her opening quote states how she is,“passionate about creating garments for the ever-evolving characters in one’s life.” Her designs evoke women’s new found independence of the 1920’s, with silhouettes and fabrics reminiscent of the flapper style. She modernizes this look with edgy, leather detailing that repeats throughout the line. She intertwines an elegance with a modernism of menswear inspiration and  creates harmony in highlighting two very distinct styles. I applaud her for that!  Her sense of adventure will, no doubt, continue to fuel her creativity.

Dominque Quinque has always been attracted to different crafts. From a young age she made everything herself, using her imagination to be creative and make use of resources available to her growing up in East Germany. Dominque uses fashion design to weave together her interest in arts and sciences. The fine detailing in her garments is a true science, taking patience and strong execution to achieve. She finds a special quality in texture and incorporates subtleties with an element of surprise. Versatility is another strong component to her designs. Pieces in the collection were reversible and had removable items. Each ensemble was filled with entrancing detail that kept me eagerly awaiting the next surprise.

“Jeffery Dickerson closed the show, creating elaborate, avant-garde pieces. Once he discovered Lady Gaga, he discovered his aesthetic. First drawn to her music and then to the way she pushes the boundaries of fashion, his work is wearable art, something you would see on display or worn on the red carpet. He covers the spectrum, with a solid range of wearable, formal looks that jump to a giant hoop skirt, which could easily hide a family of four. His garments have a strong visual appeal and lovely cohesion through the use of materials and silhouettes. His video closes with the quote, “I want someone to wear one of my designs and feel like their life is a performance, even if it’s just going out to the grocery store.”



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