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Voilà! Zara’s fresh take on some of Fall’s hottest trends:  vampy red and the ever-present snakeskin, in a pair of wear-them-with-everyything 4-inch power-booties!

Pair ’em with a downtown-chic, artfully-perforated leather mini skirt or your go-to black stovepipe jeans. Budget-friendly at $129, I’d run to your nearest Zara store location…


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NYFW is less than four weeks away… meaning a girl’s gotta start sifting through her walk-in closet, and start meticulously layin’ out what she’s going to pack into her about-to-explode carry-on rollers (I’d like to avoid losing my precious treasures at all costs so no thank you to checking in).

Enter one of Fall’s biggest trends: LEATHER. YSL’s spin on an otherwise traditional LBD is rather refreshing, with its impeccably cut leather and strategically placed panels. YSL is a frontrunner in creating a smart silhouette, juxtaposing the ladylike tailoring with sharp, architectural neckline; its utmost precision gives the dress uncontested polish to the eye.

Pair this buttery-soft leather number with minimal counterpoint, say a classic cashmere coat in charcoal hanging by your shoulders? Yes, please.


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Boston Recessionistas, rejoice! DailyCandy Deals is coming to the city to rescue our little piggy banks and help us best stretch out our hard-earned dollahs to: get out and shop, eat, see, and experience all the nooks and crannies in town!

Starting from TODAY, August 8, DailyCandy Deals will have its local Boston site  for us all to dive in (way to make our Monday, we are already loving you, DailyCandy)!

To start off the launch with a bang, the website is offering all kinds of über-cool deals, including:

– A romantic tasting menu for two at the fancy Haru;

– First-come, first-serve bargain deals from Fandango for the movie Change Up, featuring none other than Mr. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman!;

– 40% off of Wembe, an organic skincare line, as well as

– a 50% off deal on a manicure prep set from Julep!

These deals won’t last long (give yourselves a strict 24-hour deadline and >>bookmark<< the website)! So become a DailyCandy Deals Boston MEMBER today, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the line-up change of exclusive deals and offerings!

I admit I was once a Bravo TV junkie (circa Project Runway). For the record, I did not and have not (yet) given in to any of the supposedly-scintillating Real Housewives franchises.

Instead, I was hooked to one show in particular: The Rachel Zoe Project. From her omnipresent L.A.-fied bug-eye sunglasses and hangbags that probably weighed more than she does (even pregnant) to her billions of baubles, the series always doled out more than a healthy portion of guilty pleasure.

Brad Goreski, the once-sweet-and-adorable-charming, aww-inducing Canadian-New-Yorker transplant who started off as Zoe’s third, then second-in-command, rather famously ditched the all-mighty Ms. Zoe and ventured out on his own. He started by snatching a handful of key clients of Zoe’s, including Demi Moore and Jessica Alba. Now, the charming gent has a memoir, penned by a former GQ editor, scheduled for release in 2012. Little surprise that the release date coincides with his reality spin-off TV show debut, but I’m not complaining. The more Goreski, the better.

I have to hand it to the kid, what with his tear-jerking stories of childhood bullies and an unyielding dream to become a part of the glamorous high fashion world. He made it as an intern at Vogue (a test of resolve, indeed), and then in Zoe’s camp, so he’s clearly got what it takes to weather fashion’s fickle winds. But seriously, a memoir?

For budding stylist, a rising star if you will, Goreski seems to be yet another victim of that variety of undeserved and unearned self-importance which reality TV is particularly skilled at begetting. A memoir deserves more than a yougster’s two-cents, behind-the-scenes stories, and, frankly, gossip from an industry that has been well-documented as awfully catty. Clichés abound, I guess.

Though if you ask me again in a year’s time, Born to Be Brad: Life and Style Lessons from the Front Lines of Fashion may just make it to my guilty-pleasure-reading-list. Probably with my channel dialed to Bravo again, maybe even with a celebratory viewing party with a bunch of girlfriends… Just sayin’.

Peek-a-boo sunglasses, anyone? This rare, quirky find is from none other than the unpredictable fashion cat, Jeremy Scott. Personally, I’d go for the cherry-red confection without hesitation (why not go mega-bold when you’re already going for the showstopper?), but these also come in these über-cool shades as well: opaque black, black/white, clear, and the Midas-touched gold.

Don’t even begin to ask me for what to pair with these hotnese cuz i won’t know where to begin! Truly, this one’s got a life (and a mind) of its own. So just let it be, and appreciate!

Get it HERE

What could be any hotter than Karl Lagerfeld-Macy’s collab? Hands down, I say, the inimitable Mr. David Beckham and his ensuing underwear collaboration with H&M!

Sure, H&M, as the world’s number two clothing retailer giant, has the bargaining power to take on pretty much any talent (or glitzy celeb) it wishes to court, its long list of roster including none other than the mighty Lagerfeld himself, to Madonna and Stella McCartney, to launch these ever-covetable limited editions, enticing us to be lured into opening what thin wallets we have. But what’s even sexier (and even more strategic!), is that the first string of Beckham’s collection will be targeted to launch in time for Valentine’s Day 2012. Is it ever too early to start sharpie-marking our calendars with little red hearts just yet? I’m already at the edge of my seat, ready to ogle away the much-anticipated David Beckham in the H&M-branded loincloth, as much as I would shamelessly admit to. Aren’t you?

I’m gettin’ me a pretty set of monogrammed cards to start writing my letters to peeps.



Before you know it, Labor Day and the very-much-anticipated New York Fashion Week will be just around the corner (read: brace yourselves for another frigid winter). But fret not, my dears: this Alexander Wang cowl-neck dress is a to-die-for transitional piece for your last round of summer cocktail-garden parties.

There’s the impeccable draping in classic A.Wang style, of course, but also a worth a mention are both the unexpectedly uber-cool-sexy asymmetrical cut of the dress and the gorgeous ‘butterscotch’ color! Bisous!


Rejoice, fellow shoppers!  Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of both Chanel and Fendi and all-around-fashion-dictator-vampire is launching a collaboration with mega-retailer Macy’s, to much fashionista-fanfare!

The Karl Lagerfeld Impulse Collection will be unveiled in more than 200 Macy’s stores nationwide and online on August 31st. The 45-piece capsule collection is sure to be an instant sell-out, with prices ranging from $50 to $170. Word to the wise: Lagerfeld’s 2004 collaboration with H&M sold out in mere minutes.

It’s safe to assume the collection will feature tweed, black and white colorplay, and Lagerfeld’s inimitable “classic-meets-rock-n’-roll” spirit. For those devoted enough to make the opening day, Lagerfeld will make a personal appearance at the Macy’s Herald Square flagship in NYC…

See you on the Acela? Yeah, thought so.