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“Give me juicy, autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.” -Walt Whitman

The first day of autumn, for me, is like Christmas. I anxiously await the turning of the leaves and that virgin brush of crisp air like a kid waits for Santa Claus. The sight of mums and pumpkins at the grocery store makes me absolutely giddy. This is also my favorite time to cook – the markets are bursting with the bounty of the harvest and the cool evenings make it ok to crank up the oven. That smoky old grill you’ve been using all summer is tired and ain’t got nothin’ on the beautiful roasts and casseroles that fill your home with amazing aromas.

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Some of Boston’s best foodies gathered at Davio’s last week to put their taste buds to the test!

Trade Boston (Photo Credit: Trade)

Perfecting a craft is a life’s work…especially when it has to be delicious.

The time has come that New Englanders are embracing (and craving for) the local underdog whose life’s work is providing the public with a game-changing palette necessity… craft beer.

Trade, the innovative restaurant co-owned by Rialto’s Jody Adams, has taken the opportunity to celebrate Boston’s latest revolution in what Bostonians are drinking and who’s creating it by founding Trade Craft— a beverage appreciation forum of sorts to bring enthusiasts and creators together at the same table for good conversation and great tastes.

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Nothing says winter like hot chocolate. And nothing is more warming than FREE hot chocolate. Free. F. R. E. E. The Revere Hotel is introducing their seasonal pop-up shop,”Pop it Like it’s Hot” from executive chef Bader Ali.

Not only are the cocoa-creations made from Taza chocolate, but they’ve got drool-enducing flavors like maple bacon, meringue brulee and ginger white chocolate. Yum.

If hot cocoa doesn’t warm your heart, maybe the fact that all donations go to charity will. All donations got to The Home for Little Wanders which prides itself on helping children from infancy to adulthood and strengthening families, so don’t be a grinch, ‘kay?

Stop by the Revere Hotel lobby on Friday’s from 3pm to 6pm by December 21, because that’s when the cheer ends. Wah-wah.

The Revere Hotel

200 Stuart Street

Boston, MA 02116


Newly opened BoMa has character out the wazoo, making this little hole-in-the-wall a force to be reckoned with. Beautifully handcrafted cedar and walnut carpentry, an over-sized pergola above the bar, and massive distressed beams along the ceiling make this South End hot spot effortlessly chic.

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After nearly seven months of remodeling, The Fairmont’s Oak Long Bar is open and buzzing. Good luck getting a reservation though. No, not because you aren’t a very important snowflake; they just don’t take reservations. This American Brasserie doesn’t need to either – open almost 24 hours (6:30AM–1:30AM) there is rarely a time when it isn’t packed, especially toward the weekend. The addition of their patio a few months prior has added new options for seating, but rather than alleviate space constraints, it’s only added to their allure.

The naughty and the nice of it…

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Hosting a holiday gala? Get nautical with Hendrick’s Harbour Punch.

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Once the weather gets chilly, it does not mean you have to put the cool refreshing drinks away- au contraire! It is time to escape with libations with a little exotic inspiration.

Check out what we’re sipping on Floradora a la Hendrick’s Gin.

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Attention brunchers! Style Boston is celebrating its new encore episode on Sunday mornings at 10 am with an ode to the best of the best in Boston brunching. This weekend, we are giving away a free Sunday brunch for 2 to the ultra chic and delicious Gaslight Brasserie du Coin in Boston’s South End. All you have to do is watch Style Boston Saturday at 11:35 pm on WBZ or Sunday 10:00 am on MyTV38 and tell us what Jerod Mayo’s second favorite sport is on Facebook or Twitter.

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Need something to do this 4th of July? Check out some of these popular Independence Day activities, handpicked by yours truly.

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Fuse and XFINITY have come together to give you a chance to win a full day and night of enjoyment in Boston! One lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to an event of their choice at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre, a music prize pack including an MP3 player and headphones, a gift certificate for a night on the town and a pair of tickets to a local Boston museum or attraction! In short, it’s one of the few contests worth entering.

To enter, simply head here and fill out the quick registration form. This sweeps is only open to residents of Massachusetts and ends next Thursday, October 13th, so get on it now.

That meant NOW, kids.

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On a recent morning I picked up a package of lemonade and glanced at its label. “Farm to bottle,” it read. It reminded me a new restaurant in Maine—one I happen to otherwise genuinely love—that advertises “farm-to-fork” dining. Sigh.Enough already with this “farm-to-everything” crap. It’s not that I don’t applaud the concept; I co-wrote one of New England’s first cookbooks spotlighting the idea with Peter Davis—a real-deal, agro-loving chef who’s been hanging out with suppliers, touting farmer’s markets, and running a restaurant serving farm-fresh ingredients since back when many of today’s biggest proponents were still getting fed Happy Meals by their parents.

But if the concept’s going to stick around long enough to survive fad-dom—and I sincerely hope it does—then let’s stop these all-to-cloying stabs at pushing the phenomenon one step further. We need a new, all-encompassing label for farm food. One as simple as the ingredients itself, minus any douchebaggy attempts at cleverness.

Either that, or we need a new batch of even dumber, more cringingly specific labels. To wit:

Farm-to-nostril: That glut of high-end perfumes, body lotions, and room sprays that exploit the trend with scents like “organic lavender” and “field basil.” (See: Whole Foods personal hygiene aisles.)
Farm-to-newstand: The piles of magazines and books now so obsessed with organic eating, sustainable foods, and whole-animal eating, they nearly exclude all other types ingredients and of cooking.
Farm-to-liver: Organic vodkas, gins, and rums. Liqueurs infused with organic fruits and/or herbs. As if you can taste the difference with something that’s 80 proof.
Farm-to-back alley: Marijuana growers who tout their product—hydroponic or otherwise—as superior because it’s lovingly made in small batches by a lifelong farmer.


This probably shouldn’t be aimed toward the Western set of consumers, but spoonplus has got to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.  This is a Spork for the elite, allowing you to eat anything you deem worthy of your bento box.  Having lived in China for four months, I’m of the mind that chopsticks are a better, more efficient, and more convenient way to eat everything… except soup and yogurt.  Problem immediately solved with spoonplus.

Designed by Paris-based designer Aïssa Logerot, I sincerely hope Spoon Plus makes it into every home wares store this side of the pond.  Preferably, before the holidays so I can make some stockings proud.

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Remember when I wrote this? Eh. Probably not.

Well, I stand corrected on it. A tad, if not completely. OK, I’ll get there. Keep reading.

Every once in a while, something sneaks up on you and messes with something you knew you were absolutely right about. Maybe it’s J. Lo getting weirdly beautiful post-40 after you long ago decided she was a mall-rat-wannabe has-been. Or maybe it’s just a Robert Frost poem, which struck you as a lovely ode to how delightful nature can be, but is actually about, you know, keeling over dead. Or maybe only slightly less dramatically, it’s a plate of food that catches you completely by surprise.

I showed up at the bar of just-opened Forum with expectations of nothing other than getting a solid drink. (This was, after all, the new incarnation of Vox Populi. Which is all I’ll say about that.) And while they may still be working out a few kinks delivery-wise,the program is indeed already cocktails-solid. Incredible, flavor-sharp martinis. Beautiful, citrusy gimlets. After one of each, to make sure I got home alive, I also wolfed down an order of raviolo.

That’s not a typo. Ravioli’s a bunch. E replaced by O means you get one lone, gleaming pasta dome. It’s three bites at most, but who cares? In those three forkfuls, worlds intermingle. Because inside that pastry is an egg, meticulously poached during the cooking process of the pasta, so its yolk flows as soon as a fork splits it. Bacon shards and shingles of black truffle are scattered about it, and ricotta turns it into a something more like a savory dessert.

But really, it’s all about that damn egg. To which I, having thrown down my gauntlet strongly in the anti-egg-topper camp, must now admit that there’s just something ridiculously cool about having an egg ooze out at you surreptitiously, meaning from inside a dish as opposed to from its top. Maybe it’s the element of surprise a hidden treat imparts (though from a culinary standpoint that makes zero sense). Maybe it’s respect for novelty in the cooking process that demands. Mostly though, I’m guessing it’s that this dish just simply works, thanks to the strength of the bacon’s flavor, richness of the ricotta, and the texture of the pasta’s delicacy—all of which don’t just stand up to, but actually kind of demand the egg. Yes, yes, even if it were on top.

That just about justifies my 180, then, right? Good. Now I can go order another and still sleep tonight.

Raviolo, $16, Forum, 755 Boylston St., 857-991-1831,

Boston Recessionistas, rejoice! DailyCandy Deals is coming to the city to rescue our little piggy banks and help us best stretch out our hard-earned dollahs to: get out and shop, eat, see, and experience all the nooks and crannies in town!

Starting from TODAY, August 8, DailyCandy Deals will have its local Boston site  for us all to dive in (way to make our Monday, we are already loving you, DailyCandy)!

To start off the launch with a bang, the website is offering all kinds of über-cool deals, including:

– A romantic tasting menu for two at the fancy Haru;

– First-come, first-serve bargain deals from Fandango for the movie Change Up, featuring none other than Mr. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman!;

– 40% off of Wembe, an organic skincare line, as well as

– a 50% off deal on a manicure prep set from Julep!

These deals won’t last long (give yourselves a strict 24-hour deadline and >>bookmark<< the website)! So become a DailyCandy Deals Boston MEMBER today, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the line-up change of exclusive deals and offerings!

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