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Kathy BenharrisKathy is a fashion event producer and stylist obsessed with skiing, surfing and activities that make her heart race. Her clients include individual brands and designers, international charities, retail stores, e-commerce ventures, and well known business entities. Kathy has developed, styled, and produced fashion events during New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, and  throughout each calendar year. Excellence in event production, complete client satisfaction, and bringing a fresh creative twist to her collaborations are always the goal. Kathy”sees runways” everywhere she goes and keeps her fashion adrenaline level high by developing opportunities to create magic in new arenas that had not previously utilized fashion as the business tool Kathy knows it to be. As leader of the over 1,000 member strong Boston Fashion Meetup, she is always looking for vehicles to support the next generation of fashion professionals and especially enjoys her work with Boston’s fashion colleges.


Kathleen Connor is a super-luxury retailer, a theater enthusiast (the accidental critic), an architectural commissioner, trend spotter and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things fun and fabulous.  With an expert eye, she makes it’ About Time’  and curates a visit to the NYC you THINK you know – in 30 hours no less! Follow her NYC moments in ‘Two Days, One Night.’

SonigSonig is the type of person that will always listen to music, no matter what the situation is. Music is everything to her and without it she wouldn’t be able to come up with the bizarre thoughts roaming in her head.
Now working with Style Boston you can read all about her column “Sonig Underground”  on bands in the area, or just bands that you love and want to know more about. She will also inform you when those bands make their way into town.
Looking ahead in this industry, she’s also part of a small independent film company in Bridgewater, MA where she writes short films and edits material.
 She attended Connecticut School Of Broadcasting to get her the knowledge she needs to proceed in the music industry. Currently working for WROR at Greater Media Inc in Boston she has learned the many aspects of the music world. Also working for Radio 92.9 Alternative Station got her the chance to meet bands and talk about where they are in life and how things changed for them. Gaining information about bands while working for these stations has made her realize that her passion is music. Knowing all the ins and outs of the industry.
She loves going to concerts, traveling and more. Every year she travels to San Diego for Comic Con to gain more experience. With everything music she is the number one person people go to when they need advice on a new band/artist or simply just to try looking for a new genre of music. Her main goal is to be a Music Supervisor for TV shows in Hollywood.
Randi Danforth-bio picRandi Danforth, a Massachusetts Yankee via Cairo with a stop in Dixie now in LA, was a Senior Editor at Bon Appétit magazine for over twenty years. She lived in Cairo for nine years with her professor husband, where she honed her Yankee cheapskate bargaining skills in the Khan el-Khalili market, and rode Arabian horses around the pyramids when she wasn’t working in book acquisitions at the American University in Cairo Press.
With a front row seat to the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, she was interviewed by the New York Times about why she didn’t want to leave during the disruptions because of her Abyssinian cat, Stella. To avoid gaining an international reputation as a crazy cat lady, she went to Berlin that week anyway (and to get away from the 24/7 phone calls from her loving family and friends urging her to evacuate).
Following her Cairo chapter with a stop in North Carolina, she moved to Los Angeles where she is Publications Director at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. She is rediscovering the vibrant LA scene, building on her previous experiences living there in the 80s and 90s to find new trendsetting art and design, food, performances, music, and architecture.



Will Shank head shotOne of Will Shank’s favorite things is to post Facebook self-portraits on Throwback Thursday to remind himself of the good old days when he had hair.  He has no television but was recently riveted to Internet reports about the Scottish vote because of his concern that Catalonia, where he lives, might soon fall off the map of Spain.  He decided to become a conservator of art when the tragedy of the 1966 flood in Florence grabbed his childhood imagination, and that’s what he became when he grew up.  A twist of fate directed him toward modern and contemporary art, and many years later, after restoring Picassos and Rauschenbergs galore at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, he grew bored and decided that what he REALLY wanted to do when he grew up was to be a writer. “He loves nothing better than to explain to visitors to the Prado, for instance, (through the Fodors Guide to Spain) what they should see if they only have an hour to spend there…and WHY.” And to eat in the finest restaurants and stay in some pretty swell hotels (although he has recently been spotted exiting some Airbnb flats in Paris, Venice and Santa Fe).  He and his sculptor husband have a beautiful pre-teen daughter who speaks three languages fluently.


Steve DiFillippoFormer chef turned restaurateur, Steve DiFillippo is Boston’s food aficionado and hospitality guru. When he’s not selling his popular spring rolls on QVC or appearing on “The Today Show” or the like, the owner of the Davio’s Restaurant Group is traveling around the country and inspiring other restaurateurs with the art of hospitality.

Steve takes you on a culinary ride with each episode of “Dish It Up” on styleboston. Explore the hottest new restaurants, chefs, foods, wine by the barrel, and more. At Davio’s, their motto is “It’s All About the Guest.” Be his guest on styleboston.

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Tony CoreyTony Corey was born in the wrong country and the wrong century and truly believes The Great Gatsby was written about him. He is passionate about horses, fine art, fine dining – and vodka martinis. He is a successful designer of men’s accessories and loves his custom suits, though he can often be found knee-deep in horse manure.

A bon vivant and man about town (& country), Tony is also a regular on the Boston philanthropy circuit supporting a host of charities. He loves interior design and real estate and follows both the way some Bostonians follow the Red Sox. “Whether it be a tuxedo or fatigues, I love working with styleboston it as allowed me to cover everything under the sun, which is good because I like to keep my tan going even in the Boston winters.”

Check out Tony’s custom designs here

Bryan MargacaBryan Margaca is a D.P./Independent Cinematographer with over a decade of experience telling stories around the world behind the lens. Shooting and lighting in a variety of production settings – commercial, indie narrative, documentary, fashion broadcast segments, corporate, multi-cam events, and many more. Offering full creative and efficient shot quality through V-Neck Media. Brooklyn based. Boston raised. 2013 New England Emmy Award Winning Production. Looking to be inspired and impressed.

Eileen CurranEileen Curran has covered popes and presidents, murderers and movie stars, but she finds it is the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things that she loves telling the most. (“OK, interviewing Matt Damon did make me look really cool to my nieces,” she said, “so that might be the one exception!”)

She spent nearly 20 years as a TV journalist in Boston, on Fox 25, WBZ and NECN. She has nine (or, is it 10?) Emmy nominations, but still no statue. She jokes: “Yes, I’m the Susan Lucci of local TV!” Her reporting has taken her as far away as Vietnam, and as close as a fatal fire in her Milton neighborhood.

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Michelle PatsosRecovering lobbyist and wanna-be sommelier, Michele Patsos believes that most great memories are made at the kitchen table – or bellied up to at the bar with loved ones. This avid home cook found her love of food at an early age, pulling weeds in her family’s garden and watching her grandparents while they canned, pickled and baked bread from scratch. While not eating or looking up recipes, the wife of Siena College head coach Jimmy Patsos can usually be found crazily cheering from the stands at every basketball game, where he passionately commands the court. She also enjoys running in the woods, especially in the fall and winter and owns an extensive collection of wine corks that she hopes will someday be a part of an important art installation. Her shellfish allergy bums her out and she finds picky eaters really irritating. And she firmly believes no meal will ever surpass her mother’s pho.

Kathleen Connor is a super-luxury retailer, a theater enthusiast (the accidental critic), an architectural commissioner, trend spotter and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things fun and fabulous.  With an expert eye, she makes it ‘About Time’  and curates a visit to the NYC you THINK you know – in 30 hours no less! Follow her NYC moments in ‘Two Days, One Night.’


portermagericArtist, TV Host, and self-proclaimed astrophysicist, Eric Levin is a styleboston original.  Interviewing Mario Testino for the show’s Emmy Award winning episode, Levin perpetuates his on-camera persona with the popular web series, The Elevin Show, hosted by the World Photography Organization.  Eric is a working photographer who shoots fashion, advertising campaigns and celebrities alike.  He travels the world, loves new experiences, and all the beautiful things this world has to offer.