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  3. Jordan says:

    Auntie Mame – 1958
    Rosalind Russell in everything from a bejeweled, skintight jumpsuit to a backless, Elsa Schiaparelli-esque black dress to a full on Indian sari. And all with different wigs to match.

  4. Tony Corey says:

    “Auntie Mame” was without a doubt the most stylish costuming that has ever been.

    Grace Kelly in High Society had some dresses that were pure works of art.

    But lets not forget what my pal Georgio Armani did for men and menswear in the eighties. After seeing Richard Gere in all those monocromatic, unconstructed suits, every man in America suddenly cared about clothes. (And he made Gere an overnight sensation solely because of his clothes!)

  5. Sean William says:

    The Great Gatsby (1974)

    This movie set my favorite book into a picture of the motion kind; thus inspiring me everyday to hold on the my inner east egg and dress the part of those before me…

    • heather says:

      Was Nick Carraway as mad about madras as you are? Fabulous choice – not to mention Mia Farrow had a top-notch spot in the original collage but I had to swap her out for Marlene Dietrich – no hard feelings, yeah? xx

  6. Alyssa says:

    Clueless (1995) and The Great Gatsby (I’m with you Sean)

  7. Sydney says:

    The Thomas Crowne Affair (1999): Renee Russo’s wardrobe in the film was impeccable. I think it was all Celine. It helps that she has the most amazing body in the film, but the clothes were tailored to perfection and classic.

    Empire Records (1995): It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…I’m sorry, I love this film. It was a toss-up between this and Clueless. The patched jeans, the midriff bearing sweaters, the combat boots! These are the trends of my youth, man. It also helps that this has a kick-ass soundtrack. Gin Blossoms anyone?

    Cry-Baby (1990): I love me some Johnny Depp, but I love him a whole lot more dressed up like a greaser and crooning about being bad. Pompadours, pencil skirts, and leather jackets (oh my). Everyone wanted to be Allison, sure, because she got to make-out with Johnny. But I wanted to dress-up like Traci Lords who made bad look so good (so what if she’s a porn star). Oh, and don’t forget give a nod to both John Waters and Iggy Pop.

    The Edge of Love (2008): The movie was “eh.” But, I heart Keira (Knightley) and Sienna (Miller) both on screen and in real life for their style. The clothes made me want to frolic along English shore in my wellies with my wool skirts and brightly patterned jumpers. To me nothing is more quintessentially English than wearing wellies with everything…Hilary and Jackie (1998) had a bit of that style too.

    Dead Poet’s Society (1989) & Pretty In Pink (1986): For the Prep. I am a total Northeasterner (?) in the sense that I appreciate prep, when done right. None of this multi-layered, pre-ripped jean bullcrap! If your pants are torn it better be a pair of khakis that have been worn to pieces over the years. And boat shoes that have actually seen a deck of a boat, slightly bleached from the salt water. The only thing clean is the polo shirt, preferably thrown on with the hair left a little rumpled. And girls? Pearls or a real charm bracelet. Charms that are collected over time and actually mean something (screw you, Tiffany’s). For the fall, its all about the wool blazer with the collar popped up (only time allowed) and a peacoat. I sometimes secretly wish that I had been sent to prep-school with the uniforms…sigh.

    The Fifth Element (1997): Hands-down the best futuristic costuming. Jean-Paul Gaultier did all of it. Did you notice all those models as extras?? Not to mention that Chris Tucker in all those outfits was fantastic! It’s the type of future I’d like to visit.

    And last but not least…
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) & Charade (1963). Audrey’s coordinating hats and coats alone hold these films up in my mind. Not to mention the kitten heels, witty banter, and Cary Grant showering with his dress shirt and pants still on. So…so devilishly handsome.

    **I spent way too much time on this**

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  9. rob ansell says:

    Austen Powers – Who better then Mike Myers to make the 60’s look cool again

    Anchorman – And who better to make the 70’s look cool then Will Ferrell

  10. […] – we get the best of the left coast! Vintage. (Which reminds me: how excited are you for Calico’s birthday party? I’ve never even been to New Bedford!) Anyway, I love consignment. There’s something […]

  11. breakfast at Tiffanys is my favorite!

  12. kimberly says:

    Timeless: The Most Exclusive Boston New Years Eve Party 2011
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    – Live Band. The band will start the night with an infusion of Soul, Jazz & Funk
    – Glamorous vintage fashion exhibit by international fashion designer
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  13. Meggie says:

    Don’t apologize for a ring that is $1498.00. You remind us that fashion can be art. That’s why spending X amount worth the while >>> WEAR your personal art gallery.

  14. David Chum says:

    i can’t stop gasping. OMG

  15. I have a few dresses from her store!!! She has amazing things!! We live in Mattapoisett right next to New Bedford!! It is experiencing such a revival!! From restaurants, art galleries, designer shops, antiques!! Not to mention the coast line!! It is a New England Gem!!!! So happy you featured Calico!

    XO Kimberly

    • Heather says:

      Seriously! I had never been before and I went for Calico’s anniversary party and since then it’s been a constant love affair. Make sure you enter her contest! Elissa says you’ll totally smell like a unicorn. LOLZZZZ xxheather

  16. Christina says:

    Love the store! I’m especially liking the Navy n’ Plaid Parka. I’ll definitely be paying the store a visit when I’m in New Bedford! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Katie says:

    This looks amazing! I’d love to go plus it’s in Boston which makes the night even more amazing!!

  18. jaime says:

    sounds yummy! almost like a sweet potato bruschetta 🙂

  19. sami says:

    oh man, wish i weren’t saving for a wedding, i would totally take advantage of this sale!


  20. mike bressler says:


  21. Hanah says:

    Heather, I’m on the right!!




  22. elissa says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  23. This is a great article. I love how you managed to explain the idea in a vivid writing style. FYI, those of you who are interested in doing something for New Years Eve this year in Boston, check out this site: http://www.synergynye.com. The SYNERGY team does a great job creating experiences like no other. I was at their Boston Fashion Week event, The Emerging Trends and it was a pleasure to see how they have pulled off such a big event without a hitch. The New Years Eve party – Timeless promises to be one a kind, upscale, sexy and will be hosted by Miss MA 2010 and Maine 2010 (she came in 3rd place on Miss USA pageant). I am def going and you should too!

  24. not really a fan of her hair but she can really do no wrong. very Steven M shots.

  25. Ria says:

    Yeah, I hate her hair.

  26. love the beehive! this drink sounds yummy. i love the valentino martini.

  27. kim wadsworth says:

    Initially, I did not know a lot about Gary Graham. The interview was very interesting and it’s always insightful to understand where a rising designer is going in terms of their sartorial direction.

  28. Ali B. says:

    Great interview! He’s the nicest designer in fashion—and easy to see why you’d get a crush on him 🙂

  29. Good to see the BU SVA getting a shout out on the SB blog. Keep up the good work on both ends!

  30. Stanley Sagov is the MAN!!!
    These Jazzers ROCK!

    Tommy Lockett

  31. Love MW says:

    I absolutely loved this dress from the moment I saw it on Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix. I keep dreaming over it on matthewwilliamson.com just wishing I could afford it!

  32. Diana says:

    Awesome! I haven’t seen this yet, so thanks for sharing. I LOVED reading Sassy growing up and I’m a big fan of Jane’s 🙂

  33. Diana says:

    I will certainly wander across the street to check this out! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  34. Diana says:

    This book looks lovely! I will be visiting Provincetown for the very 1st time very soon. So excited!

  35. Bill Maass says:

    Thanks for coming to the show, and thanks for mentioning my “cell-phone-vibe-motion-induced-interactive-sketches.”

    The piece is called “On the Line.” It is an interactive drawing system that utilizes an everyday cell phone in a unique way. The phone lies open and face-up on a piece of large paper. I created an attachment that holds a pen to the paper below. When the phone receives a call or text the vibration causes the phone to slide across the paper, dragging the pen and creating a line. The result is a large scale collaboration between all those who have called or texted, from anywhere in the world.

    Be sure to check it out by the 31st!

    Bill Maass

  36. Diana says:

    that dress is just dripping summer. i imagine wearing it while sitting on a veranda sipping a white wine…

  37. I love a piece of this ilk because it defies the notion that summer isn’t as itelligent a season in fashion. This weightless shirtdress is so impeccable. Where to begin?

    But to your point: I’ll take a gin and tonic, thank you very much. Shall we find this veranda? Sooner than later, I say…

  38. Diana says:

    The shapes, the colors, the texture…wow!

  39. Katie R. says:

    Love it! Very inspirational. Thanks for taking the time to remind us not to apologize for being passionate, hard-working, and dedicated…and to pay no attention to lazy, gossipers.

  40. Wow, that looks incredible! I wish I was heading out west anytime soon.

    The MFA does have two Rodarte dresses in our collection, one of which will likely be on display soon. If you would like a quick Rodarte fix, closer to home 😉

  41. Chrissy says:

    i love the freely spewing fountains with her hand pose, too! Is that Anna Dello Russo?!?

  42. […] of bangles and bracelets (on only ONE wrist, obviously). Add to that the Nars lipcolor Elizabeth reviewed earlier this week and I’m in […]

  43. Kim says:

    The best thing about that photo are Maggie’s freckles! (Of course I would think so.)

    Nice to read you.

  44. David Chum says:

    I’ve actually been OBSESSED with this label’s shoes for some time now….and I kind of want this epaulet necklace for myself. Yes please!

  45. Sidney Soul says:

    Now thats a GOOD man

  46. John Wayne Macy's says:

    Sidney! Where’ve you been? I was lookin for ya on all the message boards! Also I’ve never heard of this schmo before but I checked him out and he’s awesome! Seems a little loopy tho 😉

  47. KC Quinn says:

    You had me at GODDAMNITGETMEOUTOFNEWENGLAND and again at electric pink speedo boyshorts.

  48. I am with you 100%! There is a notable difference between spaces that have been carefully designed and those that have been decorated …

  49. Caroline Savage says:

    You go girl!

  50. Chesley says:

    I have ALWAYS wondered!! (Not really; I have friends in the biz who will TOTALLY love this! Finally!!) Plus, you’re an excellent, hilarious writer. Kudos to you, Stephanie Rossi. Whoever you are!

  51. maggie says:

    thanks for this! I adore classics, and the pretty things from those days can take your breath away.

  52. […] considering the design duo at Ohne Titel have also collaborated with one of my favorite artists, Tauba Auerbach, AND they happen to be up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award this […]

  53. Joanna says:

    I could easily line up for any of these food trucks – they are pure brilliance!

  54. Shanna-Marie says:

    Swoon over the wedges, reminiscent of Sam Edelman’s Zoe, and the black stilletos, very Camilla Skovgaard. Loves it.

  55. Veronica Rose Ruiz says:

    love this!! & it’s so you:)

  56. […] a pair of red-soled Palais pumps. You may recall when we (and everyone in the fashion industry) mentioned this petty scandal a few weeks back. While we have, to date, admired Christian for his insistence, there are few in […]

  57. Emily says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  58. stephenie barnes says:

    Wishing i could wear these shoes.

  59. Shanna-Marie says:

    Great read! Nice little inspiration to be more daring in my outfit choices. Have a lot of dresses I should don more often. Your outfit sounds fantastic.

  60. Mark Miller says:

    Left Brain – Right Brain? Ying & Yang? Id & Ego?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Great blog & awesome photo

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  64. Dimitri says:

    Mad Men should be thankful it has the lead designer Janie Bryant to bring the authentic 1960’s fashion look.This season Mad Men will get lots of fans with this fashion line. Mad Men Thanks to Janie Bryant for an popular new design.


  66. Charlotte V. says:

    These are awesome! Love this Season’s neon trend, it was about time!

  67. Leslie Thornton says:

    My gallery director in Shanghai just sent this to me. I hadn’t seen it before, and will forward it to Winkleman. I just wanted to thank you for your observations. I don’t see any conflict between these two areas of practice, or any reason to place one higher than the other, certainly not in terms of creativity, it’s just that the fields function somewhat differently. I think the cross-over, say of imagery in this case, occurs because certain sensitivities sniff things out in the air. Again and again, throughout my whole life, I would get excited and start working on something in isolation, only to encounter a similar work or interest a month or two later. It’s not important which came first, mine or theirs. It’s just interesting that more than one person was compelled to focus on the same type of thing at any given time. It almost seems uncanny. I call it cultural drift. I started making the Binoculars in late 2008, well before the public unveiling, but as I did begin to show friends I started hearing about other artists and also academics doing projects involving the animal world. And now, in 2012, this attention is huge. BTW, it’s interesting you chose the python for your article. There’s a Turkish fashion designer who I bartered with – I gave her some of the python image to use in her fabric in exchange for getting a dress or jacket from her. And I forgot I had done this until I saw your article. I have to get my dress! -Leslie

  68. Steve Rosenfeld says:

    Loved the video! Thanks.

  69. alvin says:

    The new 2012 Audi A7 Sportback looks huge in the spied photos with its elongated exterior body design, so we could expect a lot of comfortable interior cabin space.

  70. Thank you so much for your review of Instacube! We love Boston 🙂

  71. William Raye says:

    Recently I went to a party @ Flock hosted by Samantha and Flock and I was wowed with the Chevron line and bought a pair of earings for my little sister (for no reason) just because I thought they were so interesting looking!
    William Raye-Boston MA

  72. First of all, I would like to appreciate the choice of theme that you have chosen for your blog, it looks perfectly wonderful.

  73. Wendy Lyn Fredriksen says:

    New girls sound like they may have something to add to show… HOWEVER Kim Walleston is the face and personality.. that makes STYLE BOSTON A MUST watch show !!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Topsfield Fair?

  75. Beautiful picture of the Big Ben. I’ve been there in 1997 just prior to the death of lady Diana.

  76. p.sarazen says:

    Alex gets my vote,she is pretty, stylish and the best of the group

  77. Annker Rey says:


    Sweet but sassy, naughty but nice… All around awesome!

  78. Cindy says:

    I’m just going on record here to say Sarie is by far the most fashionable, best-dressed person I have ever met in my life. Ever. In my life.

  79. […] caught our eye during the first round of stylecampus while we were on the hunt in the common for Emerson students – though she wasn’t what we we’re looking for, there’s no denying her outfit was worthy of […]

  80. Amber says:

    Do they have any nail polish that changes color? I’ve been wanting to try it out, but don’t want to risk paying for a whole bottle.

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  82. […] modest. Throw the cap and scarf on with a black or grey double breasted pea coat, or even the Rainforest walking jacket via Miltons to stay warm and stylish. Need a finishing touch of warmth and style? The Boss nappa goat leather […]

  83. Anonymous says:

    Wanted to pass out when we got the bill!

  84. w. f. noble says:

    a lot of styles women wear were inspired from what men wore, search history of high heels on your computer

  85. Would love to get to know more about their brand

  86. sinjim says:

    Willy Moon

    Tour Dates


    By: willyMoon




    Feb 07 – The Vanguard – Tulsa, OK
    Feb 08 – The Midland – Kansas City, MO
    Feb 10 – Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
    Feb 11 – Schubas Tavern – Chicago, IL
    Feb 14 – The Met Cafe – Pawtucket, RI
    Feb 16 – Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA
    Feb 18 – Piano’s – New York, NY
    Feb 19 – Arch Street Tavern – Hartford, CT
    Feb 21 – The Jewish Mother Backstage – Norfolk, VA
    Feb 22 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
    Feb 23 – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
    Feb 25 – Saint Andrew’s Hall – Lakewood, OH
    Feb 26 – A and R Music Bar – Columbus, OH

  87. Really what a mix up with nude based sandal. I liked this mix up thing and so the sandals, these are looking awesome.

  88. sTitch says yes to male leggings, allow me to tell you a story;

    On the 28th of October 2012 two young city workers wore ill fitting female leggings to a fancy dress party in north London. These two individuals alongside another mutual friend have now tasked themselves with designing, manufacturing and selling male leggings to the fashion conscious male.

    Head to http://www.stitchleggings.com to find out more.

  89. good post!thanks for sharing!

  90. What a nice colour… so amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

  91. Nona Merlino says:

    Michele is lovely lady! Her mothers spring rolls are our families favorite. She brings them to Michele’s sister-in-laws, Rachel Schmidt’s when we have parties. We have been known to hide some in the cupboard for later! Michele’s mother loves to cook for the family. She is right, good food, good family and friends are a recipe for a lovely conversation and a beautiful evening. Ps. Also a hot cup of coffee.

  92. Pat says:

    Mingle’s the new, different, delicious place to … well, mingle! The bartender’s creative and charming.

  93. Mary McManus says:

    An inspiring and uplifting piece written from the heart of a beautiful reporter. Thank you Eileen!

  94. Inspiring article about a true cause and a victim that truly inspires us all!

  95. mike says:

    I met him. He’s a Dick!! all show.

  96. Joe Halpern says:

    A wonderful story that needed to be told.

  97. Finally there is a film about outstanding female architects. Looking forward to seeing the film.

  98. J.Cee says:

    Male servers can be kind of snotty as well to other male patrons–it’s an orientation thing in how it plays out. I had that same kind of experience this past week from a server working the bar at a Providence establishment that had great food. I’ll go back… I’ll just make him sweat it out the next time I start conversing with his female boss.

  99. Bob says:

    Late night pizza and drinks makes this place #5. Must be a great list. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  100. fenso reppo says:

    wowow.. what a nice girl… Nice photography.

  101. mary jkakas says:

    Hi Terri

    I love how you have made Style Boston into a national online digital source for folks from all over the country . Kudos to you , my good friend , of more than a quarter of a century ….shhhhh!

  102. Kathy says:

    having seen this already I can say it is beautiful and comfortable. Harry you are so talented. 🙂

  103. Suzanne Welker says:

    Like Janice, I grew up and worked in NYC. I have traveled extensively and continue to do so…having daughters living in Kuala Lumpur, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, California and the Islands I get to spend time in each of these places experiencing the architecture of each place.

    I saw, “Making Space” this past Friday night at The Parish Art Museum on Long Island, NY. I loved it! It is well researched, well produced and a very interesting film about talented women living in a time when fabulous building materials are available to them to be used to create lasting landmarks celebrating the skills and abilities of women architects..

  104. Francine Larose says:

    Looks delicious. Can your book be purchased at Barnes & Noble?

  105. Martin Williams says:

    Great work…keep up the much needed effort…I was among those who had

    never even heard of this disease, your energy is rewarded in

    the education of complete strangers…thank you so much.

    marty williams

  106. Emily Rooney says:

    Tonya – love the outfits and the natural photographs! Emily

  107. Tonya says:

    Awesome bag post! Love the title. Bens favorite show.

  108. […] I have returned to StyleBoston and have taken on the role of Principal Fashion Expert and Style Correspondent. With my fashion expertise and contact with the fashion community it was a natural role for me to […]

  109. […] This article also appeared on my StyleBoston Blog! […]

  110. Jazz says:

    Should of been #1!

  111. Chris says:

    Amazing! Great piece! Will share.

  112. Chynna’s dresses are so beautiful and extremely well sewn which is a rarity these days.

  113. Dear Will,

    Thank you very much for mentioning our company in your article. We are glad that you enjoyed the services we recommended and hope that you will return to Umbria soon!

  114. Alice Apostolou says:

    Great article! Love the trio’ music!

  115. Dear Will,
    Thank you so much for that you wrote about me on your blog.
    I’m really happily surprise for that!
    I hope to see you and your beautiful family on July in San Gemini
    I would like to have you over for a dinner !
    Thank you again

  116. Anonymous says:

    Love this! seriously what happened to Rihanna?

  117. Zoe says:

    Thank you so much for including us in your Valentine’s Style Guide! Love it!

  118. TTrain says:

    Cool book. Great selections! Especially the Walhbergs! Very, very Irish name! The 13th tribe of Galway. Though this otherwise outstanding collection of famed and revered locals whose DNA all sprang from the green fields of Eire has one signal defect. It doesn’t include me. ME!! Ya, that’s right! Me, myself and my spleen! I feel egregiously neglected! Oh well. Can’t get us all. Maybe next year!

  119. Kathy says:

    Harry love the finished product, so much talent 🙂

  120. Rue Le Chat says:

    Margot Robbie was perfection! My runner-up is Rosamund Pike in that striking Givenchy. Cate Blanchett takes third in my eyes – she can do no wrong even when playing it safe – her statement necklace was everything.

  121. Carrie means says:

    I so enjoyed the photo of sister Evelyn Hurley and her fine coat,scarf and hat. I respectfully want to add that I believe the ensamble to be crocheted and not knitted. I’m intrigued and will try to put my talents to the test and make a coat like that handsome one that the sister made. Thank you

  122. Jeannette Mayes says:

    Mim told me about your blog, and I enjoyed reading it. You did an excellent job!

  123. Roberta DeLucia says:

    I loved Chewy . He was my dream catcher when I stayed over with him one night
    at his house. I will always miss him

  124. Sherrie Harris says:

    I really like what you do. I also like old things and like to fix and reuse whatever you can. Very nice work and very good idea for me for a early fifty s bedroom set I am waiting to refinish. Thank you for your advice.
    Sherrie Harris

  125. Wow! What an engaging article with a recipe I’m going to try for lunch. Thank you, Mr. Shank, AND thank you Style Boston. Excellent! Fondly, Robin http://www.SunbonnetSmart.com

  126. This article is so interesting. I loved it.

  127. Ed Sheerin is so awesome! I have been looking for this interview and am glad to see it resurface! Love it! He has a great voice and is so down to earth!

  128. patti turner johnston says:

    hi terri!
    this is patti turner..long lost high school friend.
    we’re up here until October nad would love to catch up with you!
    email me..pj2359@aol.com
    I will send you my cell…

  129. Never in my life have I seen such a ridiculous looking pair of pants. Never in my wildest dreams would I be seen wearing meggings. There is a line that should never be crossed!

  130. Marni says:

    Have to agree with Anonymous. I like J J Murphys at Mala Strana better!. Really good pint of Guinness, Straeparmon also good ( even though Brewsta, is not a big fan!). Had many a good night in J J Murphys, with or without football on tv. Like to go to just Czech bars, but J J Murphys is an exception.

  131. Τoula Droungas says:

    Mario Frangoulis is the amazing talented generous cultured warm giving loving awesome tender human I know…who simply does the perfect every single time…
    Just like that…

  132. Steve Judge, Architect says:

    You do know that Whitton is not an Architect…right?

  133. Carmen Lutes says:

    Hadn’t heard about this film festival in San Diego, CA. I applaud all new efforts by up-and-coming film productions.

  134. Dana says:

    Can you color dye boots? Like the ones I sent a link too?

  135. […] BOSTON — Mary Higgins Clark, the Queen of Suspense, has a new book out, will be honored by the Authors Guild Foundation on May 15, and continues to work for the Massachusetts-based FRAXA Foundation. She spoke with Carol Beggy about the many projects she has going and why she continues to work for charities that she cares about. You can read it by clicking here. […]

  136. Kirsten says:

    She is my favorite author! Now knowing she is involved in every Fragile X community I love her even more! I have 2 little boys with Fragile X, 2 children who are carriers of Fragile X syndrome and one neuro typical. I have 2 sisters with multiple children affected too.

  137. Simon says:

    Loved this article especially point about ANNENBERG SPACE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY
    sharing this on facebook and pinterest

  138. curling iron says:

    Excellent and decent post. I found this much informative I’m impressed by the web site. Thank you for this post Appreciate it very much for the publication of this matter. It has definitely made me personally.

  139. […] J.K. Simmons, his wife (and director) Michelle Schumacher […]

  140. Shannon J McDonough says:

    Alfred Fiandaca was my second cousin. I was born to Mary Ann Fera in East Boston in 1978. He is my mom’s cousin 1st cousin. Rest in Heaven and Peace cousin Al.

  141. […] Download Image More @ blog.styleboston.tv […]

  142. Kathey Tripp says:

    These are Awesome recommendations!!!! I needed some new shows to watch!!! Say safe!!!

  143. Debra Martin says:

    I like your style. Great recommendations. I’m going to try a few things I wouldn’t have considered.

  144. Mike says:

    I loved the article, Thomas! Your photo caption game is really strong!

    I think kindness rocks are such a cool expression of creativity and social-emotional support. More people should definitely know about them, so thank you for covering this and spreading some positivity. Hoping this comment spreads some positivity your way, too! 🙂

  145. Debra Martin says:

    Informative and fun. Thanks!

  146. Irma says:

    One-shoulder dress.

  147. Millie says:

    Great article! Walk on Comm Ave every day with my dog and it’s inspiring to see the painted rocks. So glad you captured and shared them

  148. Freddie says:

    I have an electric guitar collecting dust. Time to bust it out

  149. Мtorgan says:

    Crime author Alafair Burke, who collaborated with Higgins Clark on the Under Suspicion series, said she would “miss my friend and co-author, but consider myself one of the luckiest people around to have had the chance to tell stories with one of my favourite writers, the Queen of Suspense.

  150. Jan H. says:

    Very well written! I enjoy reading the articles by Thomas Brennan. The way he writes captures the whole picture for me. I like how he shows the communities coming together during this horrible time in the world.

  151. Chris Haynes says:

    Impressive — see a problem — fix a problem! These women rock, I look forward to seeing S/O/S/ smart machines everywhere!

    PS: I love that they were able to pivot from femcare to also add in PPE products like Face Masks and Sanitizers. #SMART