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During the summer meet festivities at the Saratoga Race Course, the thoroughbreds are the stars who pack the small town of Saratoga Springs with horse racing enthusiasts and tourists. But after the last race of the day, the restaurants and bars become the main attraction, and finding great food and a party is easy.  Just keep in mind that most places during this time of year are very busy, but getting a table isn’t impossible.Michele Patsos

The brightest stars among the numerous options are Prime at Saratoga National and Sperry’s.  If you want to rub elbows with celebrities, horse owners, trainers and jockeys, these are the spots…

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Upon learning that Amy Winehouse, the BritPop/Nouveau R&B sensation, had passed away this weekend, I expected to mourn the untimely loss of another talented, troubled young artist. But I didn’t.

What I did experience was an intense sort of anger: at the media, at her fans, at the millions of people coming out of the woodwork to express their great sadness over her passing. I was and am angry because so few will accept what should be obvious: Amy Winehouse dying of a reported overdose is not a shock. It was the more likely of only two possible conclusions of years of alcoholism and drug abuse: sobriety or death.

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