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Allie HydeWhat looks like a scattered mess, is actually fashion brilliance waiting to happen. The lights are on but the candles are lit and the pins, needles and fabric are strewn across the floor – one could mistake Ms. Hyde for a voodoo queen at the sight of her beautiful disaster.  Unfortunately she’s not spiritually inclined to cast spells over you, but her clothes can. Slip into one of her designs and you can feel the originality, creativity and thought put into her designs.  This girls on a mission, a Massachusetts native that always finds her way back home, she is out to prove Boston isn’t just made up of college hipsters and financial yuppies. Check out Allie’s work here on her official website.

David Yurman is, generally, a bit conservative in his men’s collection for my taste. But when Paula Leed, one of the owners of Royal Jewelers in Andover, tells me in her ever-so-sweet way–read: she basically bosses me around–that there’s something I need to see, I listen.

And I DID love it. I’m sure you’re thinking: a dog tag, really? Yes, I know, the very phrase conjures nightmares of JGC gone Jersey Shore Guido (which, incidentally, WOULD be my summer look, were I not already more than three-quarters of the way to achieving Troll doll status thanks to a long-overdue, much, much, much-needed haircut…) but I kind of love this dog tag. Legit. Crocodile rendered in silver? LOVE.

The bonus? It has a certain weight to it so in the event I DO actually throw down (more bienvenido-a-Miami than Jersey Shore, in truth), I’ve another trick up my sleeve… or, rather, hanging over the spot where my chest hair would be were I real man.


available at
Royal Jewelers
58 Main Street
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 475-3330