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A key element deriving from the progress driven company, Audi would be their flawless way of constantly innovating.  Their commitment to providing immaculate luxury with precise craftsmanship brilliantly comes together in the new 2012 Audi A7 Sportback.

The image above is a disguised prototype of the 2012 Sportback that was sent to the frigid Arctic for testing in cold weather climates back in February.  Audi would refer to this model as quite the milestone for them; and rightly so.

Customizable features exist throughout the vehicle; one in which impressed me the most was the 3D navigational system.  A wise business decision to partner with Google Earth offers the driver 3D satellite imagery, road and building specifics as well as terrain information, which can be important for those spur of the moment road trips!  Reliable traffic updates are displayed on the screen making it a very valuable feature for the absent-minded driver on the road, which I find every so often to be myself.

The five-door coupe encompasses all the facets of a luxurious sedan, bringing the “sporty” aspect to a higher level of practicality and comfort.  It’s fascinating design both inside and out showcases Audi’s dedication to precision and innovation.

The Sportback took off its elaborately designed camouflage this past summer and is showing great promise in the European market.  It came over seas and rolled into dealerships this fall.  Even if your not looking to buy, I  highly recommend you take it for a spin, just for the fun of it!

My birthday has come and gone, sans fanfare, but many of you neglected to get me a present. And by many of you I mean, of course, each and every one of you. I am tremendously, tremendously disappointed but in my effort to embrace forgiveness in 2011, I offer you an opportunity to redeem yourselves: BUY ME THIS.

I could pretend to speak to all of the car-like-things that make this extremely rare, celebrity-status convertible so damn cool, but mostly I like that it’s extraordinarily sleek and can go supahhhh fast.  All the rest is lost on me but if you’re curious, you can read about this beauty here.

As you can probably imagine, I’d like mine in BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK.

And I’ll need that humble Miami abode as well, which is NOT, regrettably, included with purchase (I asked).

Thanks much.


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For the sake of sparing you my long-winded drooling, I’ll say only this: so fresh, so clean.
And while I have generally been restricted in my life to sedans or SUVs, dictated simply by the myriad necessities of my day-to-day duties (Hi, can you imagine twenty garment bags stuffed into a backseat?), I’m inclined to say I’d give it all up if someone handed me a set of keys (which, with the prestige edition’s über smart keyless entry system, I’d hardly ever remove from my pocket…) to this little number.
I cannot presume to speak to those qualities which die-hard autophilics might find more enticing, but I know you, my faithful reader and card-holding member of the style set, need only the photograph to be convinced…
My birthday was only a week ago, so you still have time. I’ll take mine in (what else?) black on black, thanks.

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