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Catalina de La Torre is a Boston-based jewelry designer who is perhaps best known for her refined interpretations of rough-hewn stones, namely a series of geode rings which were as exquisite as they were ubiquitous. The Colombian-born de La Torre has aways exhibited an appreciation of natural forms, but what continues to set her work apart from the Elementary-School-Art-Teacher set is the modern way in which she renders these motifs.

Montmartre, the current collection, is a stunning addition to the designer’s repertoire. Yes,there is her love of clean, simple geometries, but she is clearly exploring new territory. Unimpeachably elegant territory, at that.

This pair is the perfect example,  Lapis Lazuli and White Quartz? Parallel and perpendicular forms? That inky blue, which is Fall 2011’s major winner in the color category? It’s rare I appreciate such a simple harmony of materials and form, but these are just so damn perfect.

I would tell you where and how to wear them, but it’s unnecessary. Wear them everywhere, with everything. Inspire envy.


Brooke Kanani is a New-England-based jewelry designer whose work is an artful study in tension: raw, natural elements set against refined, Old World handiwork. The results are, for lack of a better word, thrilling. Organic motifs rendered in a spirit of modernity.

Hardly surprising considering Kanani apprenticed for four years with a Polish master. Her pieces are one of a kind, and made entirely by hand in her studio.

This sterling silver necklace, in particular, has become my raison d’être. The talon-like pieces, the organic, withered elements, the horseshoe-crab toggle? Brilliant, in a word. Perfect with a plain t-shirt, of course, but even better as a complement to an insanely-low cut tuxedo jacket à la Tom Ford’s recent return to womenswear. Or, for the menfolk, over a stiffly-starched, leather-collared dress shirt.

C’est parfait, non?