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The HYÈRES FESTIVAL is a competition that takes place each spring in the south of France at the Villa Noailles.  The very selective and prestigious competition has two categories: fashion and photography.  Young designers and photographers proffer to the public their work, which is then examined by a highly-esteemed jury.

This year that jury is a veritable roster of fashion’s most notable names. In the designer category: London-based wunderkind Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough and Tim Blanks of In the photography category:  Tom Watt of Artreview and Jason Evans and Magdalene Keaney of Fashion Space. Intimidated yet?

This is a fantastic opportunity to shine if you think you have the talent.  Not sure? I’ve devised an easy litmus test:
a. Have the gods and goddesses on Mt. Olympus appeared to you in visions and donned your new collection?
b. Have you awoke from sleepwalking hanging off the edge of a building clutching your Canon 60D in a divinely inspired attempt to photograph the brilliant light of dawn against a crumbling facade?

If you answered yes to either you should apply.

This is how Viktor & Rolf got their big break, after all, among other terrifically notable designers and photographers. Applications are due December 5th, so start your sketching and snapping ASAP.


This past week, all of our favorite fashionistas migrated to Paris to attend the White Fairy Tale Love Ball at the Chateau de Valentino (proving that the fashion set live like royalty in real life… ). The ball was hosted by Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova to raise money for her organization, the Naked Heart Foundation.

While the guests provided plenty of eye candy(they were in town for the couture shows, after all), the highlight of the event was the much anticipated fashion show of 45 dresses, created specifically for the foundation by just about all our favorite fashion houses, from Lanvin to Oscar to Yves Saint Laurent… The gallery below will give you an idea of this winter-themed wonderland. If you ask me, the perfect salve for this sticky malaise of a Summer we’re having.

Directly following the post pride-weekend haze, Christopher Kane unveiled his Resort 2012 collection.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed someone inject fun into elegance this succinctly. These dresses shine, they glow, they radiate!  Inspired by prisms and color spectrums, just looking at the dresses makes me feel gay.  No really, I can’t stop smiling.  I’ve never seen a rainbow look this refined, and although the colors might not garner looks from the bros chilling on their fraternity’s terrace, they promise markedly more thrilling encounters.

The balance between blacks and colors, the use of shape both in the cut of the garment and the textile pattern – unimpeachably good.  Judicious use of lace and lame consummates the deal.  Pair anything in this collection with rainbow nails and never be depressed again.


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