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With fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Zara, and Forever21 popping up on nearly every block and ‘interpreting’ designer trends so inexpensively, making your own clothes is mostly a thing of the past for anyone who isn’t a Project Runway hopeful. These days, we refer to an off-the-rack item altered by a run-of-the-mill tailor as ‘custom,’ so why invest the time and expense in creating your own garments?

Designer patterns is why.

They’ve been around for ages, coutesy of companies like Butterick and McCall’s. In fact, I can remember seeing patterns from Oscar de la Renta and Issey Miyake as a child. But recently, companies like Vogue Patterns and Simplicity have been updating the catalogs with a crop of contemporary designers and fresh, current designs. Vena Cava, Alice + Olivia, Cynthia Steffe, Michael Kors, American couturier Chado Ralph Rucci, the list goes on. And you’ll be happy to know they’re not just for mother-of-the-bride dresses anymore.

So when can I meet you at the fabric store?

Model Matt Atwater, Photographer Conor Doherty, and I decided on a whim to tool around our beautiful town for an ersatz photoshoot that turned out to be anything but.  To illustrate the point: the image above is nearly straight from the camera, uncropped and unretouched. More to come Monday…

Until then, get out of the house and enjoy the weekend! AND the Bruins celebration and its concomitant day of sanctioned debauchery! Having never heard of the Bruins until Wednesday evening when the name was being screamed at an ear-exploding decibel throughout my South Boston neighborhood, I feel a little too late to the party to show up now. I also don’t care about sports and am lazy.

To borrow from Lyyke Li (one of my favorite things to do, clearly):
“Yeah, I’m workin’ a sweat but it’s all good. I’m breakin’ my back but it’s all good, ’cause I know I’ll get it back. Yeah, I know your hands will clap.”

Much love –

For our FASHION FORWARD segment this past weekend, we focused on the best and brightest (quite literally) of the Resort and Spring collections. And, as a nod to these interim months, we brought you a few of our favorites from the local haunts to keep you warm until, finally, we can all shed a few layers and declare it Spring.