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Pedro Lourenço is Fashion’s newest prodigy. He is twenty years old.

Yes, the Brazilian designer was born into a fashion dynasty; yes, his parents own the factory in which his predominantly-leather, razor-sharp take on contemporary tailoring is produced; yes, he is all of those things that a new designer, who, incidentally, shows in Paris, ought to be. Namely: young, handsome, of certain means, and impossibly, unimpeachably, precise.

That said, what matters most, what has brought the likes of Francisco Costa to his shows, is far simpler: his clothes are incredibly, incredibly good. Swoon-worthy, even.

And you can find them here in Boston. At Louis, of course. A fun fact: while his work is all-but-unanimously praised, Louis is one of only a handful of retailers, internationally, to actually stock it. 

Debi Greenberg, I heart you.