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Our friends at Miltons are reeling us in with re-inspired looks for men looking for fresh fashion with a splash classic roots this week. Did you check out the Rainforest Walking Jacket?

For today’s pick du jour, we have a quality duo from Vineyard Vines. If you’re already hooked on the incredibly soft Lambswool heather crew neck in rhubarb paired with a slim fit button down cotton gingham check sportshirt, then get your catch here.

If you’re still trolling for some convincing- before you get all Nantucket on us- just know that this is not the whale tail you’re imagining.

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The inimitable Nastasia and her lackey of a partner, moi, leaving Gloucester late last night. We spent the day along the shoreline, snapping some rather iconic New England scenes with photographer Conor Doherty, suffering sunshine in the name of fashion. [Photograph courtesy of Conor Doherty.]

I’ll admit it: I’m starting to really like living in New England.

August 18th will mark the 3rd anniversary of my move to Massachusetts. But I’m not big on anniversaries. Hell, hardly any of my friends even know my birthday because I find such celebrations contrived. Why ‘celebrate me’ on the day I was born? I didn’t have much to do with that event, really, and all things considered, would probably have done it a bit differently. But that’s neither here nor there. Back to that anniversary…

When I first moved to Boston I was a foreigner. The city felt new, fresh, alive and utterly alien–a city to be explored and discovered, on my own terms. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement of the situation. I was ecstatic. Then came the inevitable realization that I had uprooted myself in almost every possible way, and, not long after, a near-violent loathing for Boston and for its people.  What seemed like the best capricious decision I had ever made took a rather nasty turn to the contrary. How I had not considered that what was attractive to me about Boston also meant I would have to start over completely?

My greatest hurdle was not professional, it was personal: I couldn’t make a friend to save my life. Experience has taught me that my personality is a polarizing one: you either love me or you hate me. But Bostonians didn’t react that way at all. Generally speaking, they were perfectly indifferent.  Cold, even. I spoke to nearly ever stranger on the street, complimented more women for their hair or their handbag than bears repeating (this works wonders in California, LET ME TELL YOU), and made more futile attempts at friendship than I can suffer to share.  A lot of side eye, a lot of  “I’m sorry, who are you and what is that you are wearing?” And goddamn was it discouraging.

But I’m one stubborn SOB. I wasn’t about to pack up and head back to sunny Santa Barbara, no matter how many people told me to do just that. One man’s narcissism being another man’s determination, I decided I was staying. Whether you (or I) liked it or not.

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Crisp architectural lines, a convertible collar (which looks a bit like a contemporary portrait collar when ‘up’), THOSE SEAMS WHICH ARE SO SEXUAL, all in a fabric with enough sheen to look silken to the touch? Yes, please.  Add to that the fact that Selahdor is a local label and, well, I’m in heaven.  Of the fashionfolk variety.

From designer David Chum’s lookbook:  “This collection grew from an infatuation with Monarch chrysalis: their lines and the sinuous details that mimic the shape of the insect inside. The inspiration transformed into anatomical seams: muscles, bones, the gestural line of a hip.”

Available via special order from the designer, in either gray or black. A little birdy (meaning: a FALCON, DUH), told us that Selahdor may or may not be making a big splash this Fall. More on that later.


Meet David Chum, the designer behind Selahdor, and be among the first to shop this Boston-based label’s latest collection. The designer himself is on hand for personal fittings, and if you’ve seen him on either our recently-aired segment on the launch of Emerging Designer Fund or his feature a few months back, you know he’s one charming fellow. He’ll be preselling the A|W 2011 collection, and selling a selection of samples from previous seasons.

The trunk show is part of LOUIS‘ Exposure Series. Designed to be like an open-air market at the store, the series also features, each weekend, a dynamic mix of designers/artists/artisans.

Selahdor is the Emerging Designer Fund’s 2011 Award Recipient, and is sponsored by The Liberty.