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Christy CashmanChristy Cashman is a renowned chicken farmer and a vitamin taker. She won the corn-hole championship at her family reunion in 2011 and 2012 (women’s division).

Her undiagnosed personality disorders are important to her and a delight to her family and close friends. She prefers motor boats to sail boats because they’re more fun. She can often be found motor boating in sail boats.

A failed smoker, she ruminates and germinates story ideas, but rarely incubates unless it’s chicken eggs. Although fame continues to elude her, she wears dark sunglasses and a hat just in case.

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Tony CoreyTony Corey was born in the wrong country and the wrong century and truly believes The Great Gatsby was written about him. He is passionate about horses, fine art, fine dining – and vodka martinis. He is a successful designer of men’s accessories and loves his custom suits, though he can often be found knee-deep in horse manure.

A bon vivant and man about town (& country), Tony is also a regular on the Boston philanthropy circuit supporting a host of charities. He loves interior design and real estate and follows both the way some Bostonians follow the Red Sox. “Whether it be a tuxedo or fatigues, I love working with styleboston it as allowed me to cover everything under the sun, which is good because I like to keep my tan going even in the Boston winters.”

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