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Sex-drenched nudes. Cheeky A-list party scenes. Sultry model-motifs. Elegant royal family portraits?

Is it possible to be one of the greatest provocateurs in fashion photography AND be the favorite family photog among British Royalty for over a decade?

It is and Mario Testino has been that photographer for 30 years– and refuses to stop anytime soon. styleboston takes a look at the man behind the camera.

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First Ladies have been prized and scrutinized for fashion choices all the way back to Dolley Madison’s gorgeous butterfly embroidered inaugural gown in 1809 –and Mary Todd Lincoln’s critiques who found her love of bold fashion was a little too much for the Civil War-era. All First Lady wardrobe choices have undergone public examination– from Nancy Reagan’s fiery red outfits to Jacqueline Kennedy’s pink Chanel suit to Michelle Obama’s red and black election night victory dress– as if a garment could ignite a war.

However, at a point when women are at the top of their game in the work force and in their personal lives, should we really be focusing so much attention on what our First Ladies look like?

Most of us can note that Mrs. Obama was involved with childhood obesity and military families for the past four years–even though it is way more fun to talk about her insane biceps and totally fierce inauguration ball gown she wore while dancing in the arms of her super handsome husband to Beyonce’s rendition of “At Last.” For many of the presidents’ wives throughout American history, they took their husbands’ election and created extraordinary breakthroughs for women, minorities, children, addicts, the sick, soldiers, the working class and more.

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Get your feet wet.

A favorite of Kate Middleton and First Lady Michelle Obama, designer Prabal Gurung announced a limited edition line of women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories is in the works for Target.

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Last year, GQ magazine gave Boston the scarlet letter of Worst Dressed City in the U.S. Here at Styleboson, we were beyond moderately offended by being described as “undergraduate hoodie monsters” dressing like “proprietors of his or her very own meth lab” at “the biggest frat party on Lansdowne.” Ouch, that came out of left field. We are ok with the obnoxious sports fan label but frat bro? Oh no they didn’t.

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Alice Kriemler-Schoch (The HBIC of what we know and love as Akris) has mastered the art of color blocking in for her fall ‘12 collection. Many know and associate color-blocking with the idea of highly contrasting colors in bold square like patterns (which in my opinion comes out rather heinous 90% of the time) – so why am I fussing over this trend I’m not a fan of? The Akris fall ’12 collection puts a spin on color-blocking I have yet to see – taking bold colors, with slightly darker or lighter shades of that same hue, and creating subtle yet fabulous color-blocking patterns.

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With so many dramatically avant-garde collections saturating fashion weeks across the globe in recent haute couture history, it is unexpectedly refreshing to see a collection so sleek, elegant and right-off-the-runway wearable as is Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection presented during Paris Fashion Week.

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Gold and silver, like water and oil, aren’t meant to be mixed, or are they? We seem to have some type of love/hate relationship with these two metals. One minute silver is all the rave, and the following hour gold is. Why fight over which is better, I mean it’s not as if this is “Twilight”, there’s no Team Edward or Team Jacob, so why not just… love them both?

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At styleboston we’re all about being at the cutting edge – so expect nothing less from season four. Meet two new fabulous and fresh women straight from the music and film industries we brought on to cover topics they know best.

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Black and white has always been fashion’s prized first born of iconic color palettes, consistently showered with praise and affection as a go-to look for men and women alike. Black and brown, on the other hand, is the unwanted stepchild in a family of picture perfect combinations that no one wants to even utter a whisper of its existence out of fear of committing a fashion faux pas.

But what most people forget is that some neglected stepchildren turn into Cinderella and this fall, Prince Charming of Textiles has arrived and rescued black and brown from the dungeon of everyday fashion rejects.

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case of the mondays.

photo by Harry Koffman

I have a dream, a dream that one day, I will be able to travel to an exotic location and spend the rest of my days shopping to my heart’s desire without paying a single dime.

Louis Vuitton offers just that, besides the last part of course (I’m still on the hunt for a working money tree).

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I admit I was once a Bravo TV junkie (circa Project Runway). For the record, I did not and have not (yet) given in to any of the supposedly-scintillating Real Housewives franchises.

Instead, I was hooked to one show in particular: The Rachel Zoe Project. From her omnipresent L.A.-fied bug-eye sunglasses and hangbags that probably weighed more than she does (even pregnant) to her billions of baubles, the series always doled out more than a healthy portion of guilty pleasure.

Brad Goreski, the once-sweet-and-adorable-charming, aww-inducing Canadian-New-Yorker transplant who started off as Zoe’s third, then second-in-command, rather famously ditched the all-mighty Ms. Zoe and ventured out on his own. He started by snatching a handful of key clients of Zoe’s, including Demi Moore and Jessica Alba. Now, the charming gent has a memoir, penned by a former GQ editor, scheduled for release in 2012. Little surprise that the release date coincides with his reality spin-off TV show debut, but I’m not complaining. The more Goreski, the better.

I have to hand it to the kid, what with his tear-jerking stories of childhood bullies and an unyielding dream to become a part of the glamorous high fashion world. He made it as an intern at Vogue (a test of resolve, indeed), and then in Zoe’s camp, so he’s clearly got what it takes to weather fashion’s fickle winds. But seriously, a memoir?

For budding stylist, a rising star if you will, Goreski seems to be yet another victim of that variety of undeserved and unearned self-importance which reality TV is particularly skilled at begetting. A memoir deserves more than a yougster’s two-cents, behind-the-scenes stories, and, frankly, gossip from an industry that has been well-documented as awfully catty. Clichés abound, I guess.

Though if you ask me again in a year’s time, Born to Be Brad: Life and Style Lessons from the Front Lines of Fashion may just make it to my guilty-pleasure-reading-list. Probably with my channel dialed to Bravo again, maybe even with a celebratory viewing party with a bunch of girlfriends… Just sayin’.