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With the weather getting so brisk, many of us would really like to leave home wrapped in our cozy comforters. Although wishful thoughts are always welcome, unfortunately, they don’t always come true. So, for the time being, a little super hero inspiration will suffice to combat winter chills. The on and off “cape” trend is very similar to when ponchos were the most day to day worn style. Women of all ages resort to this over the head cover up for not only a more classy and unique look but also to hide that sinful kangaroo pouch many of us suffer from with holiday pies come at us like super villans on a war path. There’s no better season than late fall for a cape to be paired with some skinnies and flats while on the go. Take advantage of this effortless look before the temperature says it’s too late.

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Those who think Boston doesn’t have style, think again. Bloggers, Krista Casey and Dave Kavaler of Boston Street Style are out to prove all the naysayers wrong. Yes, there are many Bostonians roaming the city in Celtics jerseys, Timberland boots, oversized jeans, and just all around heinous get ups, but there are a large number of us who actually get it right in the fashion department – and Boston Street Style has the photographic evidence to prove it.

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