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Some trends have a way of falling out of style and then finding their way back into our hearts. Leather happens to be one of them, like a bad boyfriend we just can’t fully let them go. But it’s not just any old leather pants, they’re (drum roll please) none other than Jean Paul Gaultier leather leggings. I know what you’re thinking, Catwoman right? Well it may sound that way but don’t disapprove just yet.

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In case it’s somehow escaped you, Jason Wu launched his first shoe collection this year for spring 2011 and his designs were to die for. You can see how it was music to this shoe-obsessed girl’s ears when I heard he would be following in the footsteps of designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier by working on a collaboration with plastic shoe purveyors Melissa for spring 2012.  The chance to own a pair of designer shoes I could wear in the rain without a second thought is just too good to pass up!

I have to say, however, I was a little disappointed to find there would only be two shoes in the collection, both based off of Melissa standby designs, the Ultragirl ballet flat and the Lady Dragon slingback.  Not that the shoes don’t look great, but I think we all know Jason Wu is capable of something more impressive than mere embellishment.

Here’s hoping this initial collaboration follows in the footsteps of Vivienne Westwood’s work with the brand, which has now spanned several seasons, and in the future we get to see full Melissa shoe designs by Jason Wu…