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Nothing says winter like hot chocolate. And nothing is more warming than FREE hot chocolate. Free. F. R. E. E. The Revere Hotel is introducing their seasonal pop-up shop,”Pop it Like it’s Hot” from executive chef Bader Ali.

Not only are the cocoa-creations made from Taza chocolate, but they’ve got drool-enducing flavors like maple bacon, meringue brulee and ginger white chocolate. Yum.

If hot cocoa doesn’t warm your heart, maybe the fact that all donations go to charity will. All donations got to The Home for Little Wanders which prides itself on helping children from infancy to adulthood and strengthening families, so don’t be a grinch, ‘kay?

Stop by the Revere Hotel lobby on Friday’s from 3pm to 6pm by December 21, because that’s when the cheer ends. Wah-wah.

The Revere Hotel

200 Stuart Street

Boston, MA 02116

Better known for his time in The Black Eyed Peas, is actually an accomplished producer, singer, and designer in his own right. For his new album, “#Willpower,”  set to be released in February of 2013, Will.i. am teamed up with everyone aaaand their mothers. His collaborations are the cool-kid-list of the music world:

Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Beiber, Cheryl Cole, Kanye West, Nicole Scherzinger, David Guetta, Alicia Keys, Natalia Kills, LMFAO, Eva Simons, Chris Brown, Mick Jagger, Busta Rhymes, Demi Lovato, Ne-Yo, Avril Lavigne, 2NE1, Lindsay Lohan,  and Kim Kardashian. That’s all for ONE album. 

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Dan Deacon, the Indie king of audience participation talks time travel, the desert and his new album, “USA”.

JL: You used to live off the grid. No ID. No passport. Traveling only by car and train. Has seeing the world changed you?

It definitely changed my life. It introduced me to subcultures that I never would’ve had any knowledge of and just showed me there was more to the culture of the United States than chain stores and strip stores and suburbs. There is a genuine non-commercialized culture out there that exists for the sake of existing. It’s genuine culture. I have a hard time describing it. Going to beautiful places. You’re muted by the experience. When I first started touring I was very nihilistic and didn’t really think there’d be a future and relished in the idea of an apocalypse and now I would hate to see that happen to the Earth. I think that’d be terrible.

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Remember old school DVD rentals? Or even older school video rentals (before my time too). Well, Lacquerous is aiming to be your Netflix for nail polish. The newly launched site aims to let you wear the latest in red carpet and runway nail trends without buying a full bottle. You pay $18 every month and they send you three bottles of nail polish.

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The adolescent voice that embodied a suburban generation: Asher Roth. He’s a lover. Lover of booze, drugs, sleeping in, women, and sunshine. Dislikes: people that harsh his mellow vibe.

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Newly opened BoMa has character out the wazoo, making this little hole-in-the-wall a force to be reckoned with. Beautifully handcrafted cedar and walnut carpentry, an over-sized pergola above the bar, and massive distressed beams along the ceiling make this South End hot spot effortlessly chic.

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After nearly seven months of remodeling, The Fairmont’s Oak Long Bar is open and buzzing. Good luck getting a reservation though. No, not because you aren’t a very important snowflake; they just don’t take reservations. This American Brasserie doesn’t need to either – open almost 24 hours (6:30AM–1:30AM) there is rarely a time when it isn’t packed, especially toward the weekend. The addition of their patio a few months prior has added new options for seating, but rather than alleviate space constraints, it’s only added to their allure.

The naughty and the nice of it…

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A favorite of Kate Middleton and First Lady Michelle Obama, designer Prabal Gurung announced a limited edition line of women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories is in the works for Target.

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Bvlgari has long been a leader in watch making, with a Swiss attention to detail, and an Italian aesthetic the same can be said about the Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumière line. Housed in solid 18 carat rose gold, the hue reflects a perfect balance of gleam; a warm, glowing subtle pink. Unlike its sibling yellow gold which is more in-your-face bling, and its cousins platinum and silver which are too cold for a watch of this style, the rose casing brings this over-the-top timepiece back down to earth. Water resistant for up to 30 meters, with a power reserve of up to 64 hours, it seems made more for an adventurer than a businessman – but don’t let it fool you. With 22 faceted jewels and a deep-brown alligator band, this watch is luxury and refinement.

 Side Note: Daniel Roth is known for a modern aesthetic (think orange skulls on watch faces) that has, weirdly enough, meshed beautifully with the very classic, refined style of Bvlgari. Expect more fashion forward timepieces from this powerhouse.

Price: $236,000

Got the dough? Buy it HERE.

At styleboston we’re all about being at the cutting edge – so expect nothing less from season four. Meet two new fabulous and fresh women straight from the music and film industries we brought on to cover topics they know best.

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